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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Official Publix Coupon Policy (Hermitage, TN)

I stopped in today for my weekly Publix trip and found that they now have official written copies of their coupon policy available to customers. I picked mine up at the customer service desk. The official policy is written on the front and not much has changed from the way they have been doing things.
  • They accept Publix coupons, manufacturer coupons, Internet coupons, and competitor coupons.
  • They accept competitor pharmacy RX coupons.
  • They do not accept % off coupons.
  • Coupons much match the items you are purchasing.
  • They reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • For BOGO offers, each item is a separate sale (i.e. will ring up 50% off).
  • You can use 1 MFG coupon + 1 Publix coupon (or competitor) per item.
  • For $ off entire order coupons, you may use 1 Publix & 1 competitor coupon per transaction if your total meets the requirements.
See? Nothing new there. On the back of the policy it lists the specific competitors for this location at Oakwood Commons in Hermitage, TN. I was pleased to see Target on the official list but I was sad that GFS was not listed.
Overall, I'm just happy that we have it officially in writing and it will be standard across the board even though the competitors may vary from store to store.




Emily said...

I'm glad to see this too for my Publix store! I'm sad to see that they don't have Save-A-Lot listed on the list though. I still have a handful of $5/$25 that I wanted to use. Hm- I figure since its right down the street that it would be included. Thanks for posting this!

Tiny Treats said...

Do they double any coupons? I don't think I have ever shopped at Publix...

Staci said...

They do double coupons $0.50 and under every day. So, for example, a $0.50 is actually worth $1.00.

Tiny Treats said...

Yea! That means I am stocking up on Bounty towels!!

Emily said...

Whats the deal on Bounty Towels?!?! I don't want to miss out!

I went to the Oakwood Publix yesterday and they took my Save A Lot coupons- so hopefully they just left that one off the list :)