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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kroger Deals 2/28-3/2

These deals are matched for the Nashville, TN area or Louisville Region. It turns out that the Cart Buster promo is different than the Mega Event but there are still some good prices and good deals to be had especially when you factor in the Catalinas. It looks like this deal will still run for 2 weeks. Several of you mentioned that you received the $1.00 off coupon in the mail so that will only sweeten the deals! Here are my favorites for this week. I am sure there are some unadvertised items so, if you come across a good deal, please post it in the comments.


Green Bell Peppers, $0.68 each
Blueberries, $2.50
Red Grapefruit, $0.64
Old El Paso Taco Shells, $1.00

Lunchables, $1.50
*Total is $0.50
>There is also a
$0.75 Lunchables printable for subs if included. Makes it $0.75.

Pringles Super Stack, $1.25
-$0.50 (doubled) WYB 2 Fat Free, 1/31 RP
*Total is $1.50 or $0.75 each.

Chef Boyardee, $0.88
-$0.35 (doubled) WYB 3, 1/10 SS
*Total is $1.94 or $0.65 each.

Old Spice Deodorant, $1.88
-$1.00 WYB 2, 2/21 PG
*Total is $2.76 or $1.38 each.

Dole Fruit Bowls, $2.00
-$0.50 (doubled) WYB 2, 1/10 SS
*Total is $3.00 or $1.50 each.

Totino's Pizzas, $1.00
-$0.60 WYB 3 2/7 SS
*Total is $2.40 or $0.80 each.

Toaster Strudel, $0.99
-$0.55 Cellfire ecoupon
*Total is $0.45

Nature Valley Granola Bars, $2.29
-$0.50 (doubled) off Sweet & Salty, 2/7 GM
Cellfire or Shortcuts ecoupon
*Total is $0.89
>See Catalina Deal below for more savings
(as low as $0.36 WYB 3).

Fiber One Bars, $2.29
-$0.50 (doubled), 1/31 SS
Cellfire or Shortcuts ecoupon
*Total is $0.89
>See Catalina Deal below for more savings (as low as $0.36 WYB 3).

Yoplait Fiber One, $2.00
-$1.00 off Fiber One printable or 1/24 SS
-$1.00 off
Cellfire or Shortcuts ecoupon

Green Giant Steamers, $1.28
-$0.50 (doubled) Green Giant printable
*Total is $0.28

Chex Mix, $1.50
-$0.50 (doubled) Chex Mix printable or printable

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, $1.25
-$0.50 (doubled) Pillsbury printable
-$0.40 WYB 2
*Total is $0.10 or $0.05 each.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $1.25
-$0.25 (doubled), 12/13 GM
*Total is $0.75

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $1.79
-$0.50 (doubled) WYB 2
-$0.50 WYB 2
Cellfire or Shortcuts ecoupon
*Total is $2.08 or $1.04 each.
>See Catalina Deal below for more savings (as low as $0.41 each WYB 4).

Macaroni Grill, $3.50
*Total is $2.50

KROGER CATALINA DEALS: Visit Mommy Snacks for more details.

Kraft: Purchase $20 and earn a $2.00 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 5/8

Kellogg's Cereal: Buy any 3 and earn a $1 Catalina. Buy 4 and earn a $3 Catalina. Buy 5 and earn a $4 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/10 (Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies, Honey Smacks)

Jell-O: Buy any 2 and earn a $1 Catalina. Buy 3 and earn a $2 Catalina. Buy 4 and earn a $3 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/7 (Mousse, Pudding or Gelatin)

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: Buy any 3 and earn a $1.50 Catalina. Buy 4 and earn a $2.50 Catalina. Buy 5 and earn a $3.50 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/21 (Fruit Shapes, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups, Gushers, Stickerz)

Kleenex: Buy any 5 and earn a $1 Catalina. Buy 5 and earn a $2 Catalina. Buy 6 and earn a $3 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/21 (60 ct.)

Nature Valley: Buy any 2 and earn a $1 Catalina. Buy 3 and earn a $2 Catalina. Buy 4 and earn a $3 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/21 (Granola Bars)

Oscar Mayer Bacon: Buy any 2 and earn a $1 Catalina. Buy 3 and earn a $2 Catalina. Buy 4 and earn a $3 Catalina to use on your next order. Expires: 3/21 (Excludes Turkey)




Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's the End of the Month - PRINT!

Just wanted to send you one last reminder to check your favorite printable sites for any coupons because they will reset or disappear after tomorrow. If you are a Kroger shopper you will want to check out the brands that will be included in the Cart Buster Savings Event that supposedly starts tomorrow.

My favorites printable sites are:

Here's a few specific coupons that I liked as well:
Uncrustables - $1.00
Lunchables - $0.75
Reach - $1.00 (Free at Walgreens starting tomorrow)
Glade Fragrance Collection - $1.00 (Reed Difuser or Soy Candle)



Walgreens Deals 2/28-3/7

Here are my favorites for Walgreens this week. If you find a good deal, please post it in the comments.

SPECIAL NOTES: The new month-long (March) Register Rewards go into affect 2/28. You can view the full list here. Also, be on the lookout for the new March Coupon Booklet found near the registers. I Heart Wags has a preview here.


Pepsi 12 pk, 3/$11
-Earn 3 RR WYB 3
*Total is $8.00 or $2.33 each.

Schick Intuition or Quattro Women's Razor, $8.99
-Earn 3 RR
-$4.00 off, 2/28 SS
*Total is $1.99

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste, $2.99
-Earn 2 RR
-$1.00 off Jan ALL YOU Mag

Kimberly-Clark Promo: Earn 5 RR WYB 3 Products
Participating Products:
Huggies Wipes, $5.99 [$0.50, 2/28 SS]
Huggies Diapers, $8.99 [$2.00 off Huggies printable]
Huggies Pull-Ups, $8.99 [$2.00 off Pull-Ups printable or 2/28 SS]
Huggies Goodnights, $8.99 [$1.00 off Goodnights printable]
Kotex Pads, $2.99 [$2.00 WYB 2, 1/10 SS]
Kotex Liners, $2.99 [$1.50 WYB 2 Kotex printable]
Kotex Tampons, $2.99 [$1.50 WYB 2 Kotex printable or 1/10 SS]
Poise Pads, $10.99 [$1.00 off Poise, 2/21 SS]
Depends, $10.99 [$2.00 off Depends printable]
Scott Tissue 12 rolls, $6.99 [$1.00 off March ALL YOU Mag]
Cottonelle Tissue 12 rolls, $5.99 [$1.00 off Cottonelle printable or Feb ALL YOU Mag]
Viva Paper Towels, $5.99 [$0.60 off, 2/21 SS]
*Prices vary. Mix & Match any 3 to earn 5 RRs.
>Diapers as low as $5.32 each WYB 3 and use coupons.

Kleenex Tissue, BOGO @ $1.99
-Earn 1 RR WYB 4, 2 RR WYB 5, 3 RR WYB 6
-$1.00 WYB 4, 1/3 SS (HURRY, exp 2/28)
-$0.50 WYB 3 Kleenex printable
*Total is $1.97 or $0.33 each WYB 6 and use 2 printables.

Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, $4.50
-Earn 1 RR
-BOGO from 2/21 RP
*Total is $3.50 or $1.75 each.

Motrin PM, $2.99
-$1.50 from Walgreens March Coupon Booklet
-$3.00 WYB 2 Motrin, 11/22 SS
>Only need 1 Wags Q. It will automatically deduct $1.50 for EACH product purchased.

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes, $1.99 w/in-ad coupon
-$0.50 off Feb ALL YOU Mag
*Total is $1.49

Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom, $0.79 w/in-ad coupon
*Total is $2.16 or $0.54 each.

Reach Prevent Toothbrush or Floss, $0.99 w/in-ad coupon
-$1.00 off Reach printable

Starbucks Frappucino, $1.25 w/in-ad coupon
*Total is $0.25

Trident, $0.69 w/in-ad coupon
-$0.75 off 2/7 SS

Good filler items:
W Bar Soap, $0.33 w/in-ad coupon
Jelly Beans, $0.50 w/in-ad coupon
Ajax, $0.50 w/in-ad coupon



CVS Deals 2/28-3/6

Here are my favorites for CVS this week. If you find a good deal, please list it in the comments.

SPECIAL NOTES: CVS is now offering Double Bucks on CVS brand items and prescriptions until March 15th. You will need to enroll your CVS card here.


Power Bar Energy Gel Blast, $1.50
-Earn 1.50 ECBs, limit 1
-$1.00 off, 1/3 SS

SoftSoap Body Wash, $4.99
-Earn 4 ECBs, limit 1
-$1.00 off March ALL YOU Mag
>There is also a $0.75 Nutri-Serum printable (Makes is $0.25)

Pepsi 2L, 3/$4
-Earn 1 ECB WYB 3, limit 1
*Total is $3.00 or $1.00 each.

Kashi Heart To Heart Cereal, $3
*Total is $1.50

Post Cereals (Honey Bunches or Pebbles), $1.88
-$1.00 WYB 2, 2/28 SS
*Total is $2.76 or $1.38 each.

Schick Quatto Razor, $8.99
-Earn 3 ECBs, limit 1
*Total is $5.99
>Use Mail in Rebate from 2/7 SS to get it FREE.

Campbell's Soup, $0.49
*Total is $0.96 or $0.24 each.

Excedrin, $2.50
-$2.00 off Excedrin printable (Pick Excedrin)
*Total is $0.50



Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 65%

Hey thanks for stopping by! Make sure that you never miss a deal or update by becoming a fan on Facebook or following me on Twitter. You can also have deals delivered to your email inbox or RSS reader.

Here's what I bought this week. I got $183 in groceries for $63 and a savings of 65%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($25.03) At CVS I bought Dr. Pepper (2.25) & paper towels (3.99). At Walgreens I bought trash bags (4.44), chicken broth (0.50), pudding (0.25), tomato sauce (0.19), soap (0.99), toilet paper (2.99), Excedrin (MM).

KROGER: ($20.11) Here I bought salad mix (FREE), pizzas (1.19), buns (1.00), bread (0.78), vitamins (3.94), canned veggies (0.50), nut clusters (0.72), mangos (1.00), dip (0.49), and apples. I am looking at my receipt in shock because the cameo apples were 0.88 lb and I was charged for ambrosia at 2.29 lb! YIKES. I didn't catch it at the time because my total was correct. I now realize that my total was right because they entered my salad Q wrong and I ended up getting both bags FREE. I guess we'll call this one a wash. :)

PUBLIX & FOOD LION: ($18.02) At Publix I bought crescents (0.62), frozen veggies (FREE), waffles (1.39), tomato sauce (MM), soup (0.50), veggies (0.15), gelatin (MM), Doritos (2.00), strawberries (1.67), cooking spray (0.75). I also had a $5 off $30 coupon from a home mailer. At Food Lion I bought pizza (1.00), OJ (1.00), banana (0.45 lb), ground beef (1.39 lb), milk (1.99), foil (1.13).

Regular Price: $182.44
Savings: $119.31 or 65%
Actual Cost: $63.16

Well, it finally happened. I spent up some of my excess from being under budget this year. This week there just happened to be plenty of deals on paper products so I restocked on paper towels, toilet paper & trash bags. Hubby has also managed to blow through amazing amounts of soda so I had to replenish that supply as well. Also, we are having a little friendly competition within my MOPS organization to see which group can bring in the most items for the food pantry so I got several items for that too. Either way, I am still on track for the yearly budget. I'm not so happy with my savings percentage but even a coupon queen can have an off week. Work has been totally insane + my wee one was sick yesterday so, I'll admit, I wasn't as focused and prepared as I like to be. There's always next week, right? Speaking of next week, there are rumors of a Cart Buster Promo at Kroger.

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below. Maybe it will help inspire me to get back on track next week.

Groupon: Collective Buying Power


Kroger Cart Buster Promo - Coming Soon?

Rumors are there is another Mega Event type promo coming next week at Kroger.

Here's the word on the street:
  • They are calling this one The Cart Buster Savings Event.
  • Running 3/1-3/14
  • Get $1.00 off your order WYB 3 participating items ($0.33 per item)
Again, I cannot confirm this and I have no other details. I just wanted to give you a head's up because there are tons of coupons available that will hopefully match up nicely with these deals. Several of the brands listed below are on Cellfire & Coupons.com right now. The end of the month is approaching and these coupons will either reset or disappear soon, so print them now if you want them.

Mr. Clean
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Betty Crocker Frosting
Betty Crocker Warm Delights
Betty Crocker muffin, cake, brownie and cookie mixes
Cheerios Snack Mix
Chex Mix
Fiber One Bars
Nature Valley Granola Bars
Yoplait Adult Multipacks
Yoplait Kid Multopacks
Yoplait Large Size
Crest Gillette
Old Spice
Prilosec OTC
General Mills Varieties
Betty Crocker Kits and Meals
Betty Crocker Potatoes
Hamburger Helper
Macaroni Grill
Green Giant
Old El Paso
Wanchai Ferry
Cascadian Fram Cereals, Bars, Frozen Fruit, and Frozen Vegetables
Muir Glen Soup, Salsa, and Pasta Sauce
Green Giant
Pillsbury Biscuits and Rolls
Plillsbury Savorings
Yoplait Smoothies
Wanchai Ferry
Pillsbury Biscuits, Rolls and Cookies



Freebies 2/26

Check out this list of FREEBIES. Don't forget to check out other FREEBIES posted every Friday. Hurry, some offers go fast! Be sure and follow me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook to get quicker notifications about Freebies. I post them on those sites when I find them during the week and then do a wrap-up post (like this one) on Fridays.

Atkins Bar Starter Kit - Includes 3 bars
Zaxby's Free Meal Deal - must sign up
Hanes Socks - Every Friday to the 1st 100 until 3/31
Uniball Pen - Daily at 12 CST to the 1st 10,000

4x6 prints from Shutterfly - 50 free for new members. Current members can earn 30 when they create a share site. Current share site owners can earn 30 prints when they upload a new video.

$10 Bahama Breeze Gift Card - Located in FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NV, PA, TN, WA (All my AL readers can feel free to send their card to me since there isn't one in your area [=)

If you are a parent of twins or triplets you MUST check out this post. So many great Freebies to help you out!

Nabisco Cookies - March 1st
Zone Perfect Indulgence Bar - 1st 30,000 fans

*I use RoboForm to help me fill out freebie forms with ease. It is also FREE


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ranking Coupon Values

I have a theory about coupon values. My theory is this... "the harder they are to find, the higher the value will be."

For example, the coupons you find in the store in the little blinkie machines are generally low value coupons. They will be something similar to $0.55 WYB 1 (will not double) or $1.00 WYB 4 (basically $0.25 off each item). Those coupons are easy to find. For goodness sake, they are right next to the item and have a big flashing light on them. You can't miss it, right?

On the total opposite extreme are coupons that you have to work for. They are online printables not usually found at the popular printing sites or coupons that come via home mailers. These coupons are difficult to track down or you must make a request in order to receive them.

In my opinion, coupon values are based on how easy or difficult they are to find. Below is my ranking on coupon values from highest to lowest.

  1. Home mailers/requested coupons
  2. Brinks printables
  3. Manufactuer website printables
  4. Printables from popular sites like Coupons.com
  5. Newspaper coupons (varies by region)
  6. Peelies/Product Packaging
  7. Blinkies/Tearpads
Of course, there are always coupons which are exceptions to this rule. Besides, a coupon is a coupon and they all help us to save money in some way. Remember, the trick to making coupons work to your advantage is to wait to use them until the item is already on sale.

Do you find this theory to be true as well? Feel free to confirm or shoot down my assumption. It is just a theory after all and theories need to be proven.



Happy 2nd Birthday Swagbucks

Swag Bucks
As promised, today is Swagbucks 2nd birthday! Their website has an entire new look and feel. Check it out. The biggest change of all is that your Swagbucks have been converted to the new currency system. All previous Swagbucks are now worth 10 SBs and, starting today, you will earn Swagbucks by increments of 10 (ie. 10, 20, 30) or any value in between. For example, I earned 7 this morning. Current members should also get ready for some codes today to celebrate the event.


If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, why not? This is absolutely my favorite way to earn a little extra money on the web. Besides, they are basically paying me for what I already do anyway - search. That's right, you are randomly awarded Swagbucks just for searching the web. Swagbucks is powered by Google and we all know how much I heart Google. One of the easiest ways to get SBs is with their codes. They offer these pretty frequently and you may have even seen me share them on Facebook or Twitter when I come across them.

Once you have accumulated some Swagbucks, you can redeem them for cool prizes like gift cards, music, electronics or even CASH! My favorite prizes are Amazon gift cards and cash via Paypal. Speaking of which, I currently have enough SBs right now to redeem for $15 at Amazon.

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet you can do it today. You automatically receive 30 Swagbucks just for signing up. To help you remember to use the Swagbucks search engine, you can install the toolbar at the top of your browser.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food Lion Deals 2/24-3/2

Here are my favorites for Food Lion this week. To see full-ad matchups, click on the logo. If you come across a good deal, please post it in the comments.


Ground Beef, $1.37 lb (STOCK UP!)
Red Seedless Grapes, $0.99 lb.
FL Canned Veggies, $0.33
Doritos, $1.99
Mangos, $1.00
Cantaloupe, $1.79

Tony's Pizzas, $1.00
-$1.00 WYB 2, 12/13 SS (HURRY, expires 2/28)
*Total is $1.00 or $0.50 each.

Breakfast Mix & Match Promo: Save $10 WYB 10 items
Participating Items:
Frosted Flakes, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB any 3 Kellogg's printable]
Froot Loops, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB any 3 Kellogg's printable]
Corn Pops, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB any 3 Kellogg's printable]
Apple Jacks, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB any 3 Kellogg's printable]
Hungry Jack Syrup, $2.79 [$1.00 WYB 2, 2/21 or 2/28 RP]
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix, $1.99 [$1.00 WYB 2, 2/21 or 2/28 RP]
Kellogg's Pop Tarts, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB 2 home mailer from Pop-Tart Sprinklings]
Dunkin Donuts Coffee, $6.99
FL Coffee Creamer, $2.19
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB 2, 2/7 RP]
Folgers Coffee, $6.99 [$0.25 off, 2/21 RP]
Folgers Instant Coffee, $4.99 [$0.25 off, 2/21 RP]
FL Instant Oatmeal, $1.99
Jif Peanut Butter, $3.50 [$1.00 off WYB Jif AND Smuckers, 1/3 RP]
Smucker's Jam, Jelly or Preserves, $3.00 [$1.00 off WYB Jif AND Smuckers, 1/3 RP]

Deal Idea:
(6) Kellogg's Cereals
(2) Pop-Tarts or (2) Nutri-Grain Bars
(1) Hungry Jack Syrup
(1) Hungry Jack Pancacke Mix
*Total is $10.78 or $1.07 each.
>Many ways to mix and match here to get even lower OOP.

Groupon: Collective Buying Power