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Friday, February 12, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 78%

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Here's what I bought this week! What did you get?

WALGREENS: I skipped CVS this week because the ad was just so-so. At Walgreens I bought razors (0.99), body wash (MM), candy (0.49).

KROGER: I did 1 round of the Daytona 500 event. I bought Purex (MM), biscuits (FREE), cheese (1.19). Other items included OJ (0.99), BBQ (2.49), lunchmeat (1.95), rice (FREE), roast (2.98), bread (0.78), salad (1.18), broccoli (1.63 lb), potatoes (0.99 lb).

Round 2: I went back soley to do some more of the Catalina deals. I got biscuits & detergent for FREE & used the overage to pay for some produce. I plan to do these deals again next week. You can't beat free detergent and biscuits (not that those go together in any way, shape or form!)

ALDI: Check out these amazing produce prices! Pineapple (0.99), cantaloupe (0.99), 4 pears (0.99), carrots (0.99). I also bought grated cheese (2.49) and squeeze cheese (1.89).

Regular Price: $135.49
Savings: $103.93 or 78%
Actual Cost: $31.56 + $8.99 (ALDI) = $40.55
(under budget by $9.45)

I decided to skip Publix this week. Work was crazy busy and I wasn't really dying for anything they had on sale. I attempted Food Lion but they were out of both items I wanted (boo!). So, I am under budget yet again. One day soon I'm gonna use up all this extra. Guess I'm just waiting for the right deal (or splurge) to come along. Thanks for stopping by to see me. While you are here, don't forget to check out my Melissa & Doug Giveaway. It ends Monday, 2/15.



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