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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aldi Deals 2/17-2/23


Here are my favorites for Aldi this week.

Dozen Large Eggs, $0.69
Bananas, $0.39 lb.
Red Grapes, $0.99 lb. (2-pound package)
Naval Oranges 4 lb bag, $1.39

I'm also crossing my fingers for Strawberries. Everywhere else has them for $2.50 and I'm hoping that ALDI has them for less! I had a special request for these from my little one this week. I couldn't say no but I CAN find a good deal. ;)

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Jennilen said...

Can prices vary by location? I did my Aldi shopping yesterday and eggs were 1.19. poo

Staci said...

Yes, it is possible that these prices can vary by location. When I went last Thursday they didn't even have the bananas in yet and zero Strawberries too. :(