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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

General Mills Cereals

When Skylar was a wee babe one of the very first "snacks" we offered her was Cheerios. They were quick, healthy and perfect for helping her develop the very important pincher grasp. My wee babe has now just turned 3 and we still have Cheerios as a snack. Her favorite flavor is the "pink and brown" Cheerios also known as Yogurt Burst. Just recently it dawned on us that she is probably old enough to actually eat Cheerios the way they were intended.... in a bowl with milk and a spoon. She loves it!

Wanna know what I love...
  • I love that General Mills has made a commitment to reduce the amount of sugar in their cereals which are marketed to kids under 12.
  • I love that General Mills is also increasing the amounts of calcium, vitamin D and whole grains in their cereals.
  • I love that cereal makes breakfast easy and fun.
Did you know that...
  • Frequent cereal eaters tend to have healthier body weights and lower BMIs?
  • Cereal is the #1 source of whole grains in a child's diet?
  • Children who eat breakfast tend to perform better at school, score higher on tests, and have fewer reported discipline problems?
As a mom, all of those things speak to me. I want to make sure that my child is eating healthy alternatives which give her the vitamins and nutrients she needs to grow, thrive and learn! Personally, I know that I always feel better after having breakfast and snack less throughout the morning. If you want to try the new and improved GM cereals you can use this link to print a coupon for $1.00 off General Mills cereals (Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch - hubby's favorite).

To learn more information about General Mills and the benefits of a healthy breakfast, visit Cereal and Health Wellness.

Are you a breakfast eater? What's your favorite cereal?

Disclaimer: General Mills kindly provided me with four free coupons to purchase any of their cereals. They also provided information about their products and the printable coupon listed above. This was all facilitated through My Blog Spark. All opinions are my own.



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April E said...

Thanks for the coupons :)
Especially since GM cereals are on sale this week!!