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Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 65%

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Here's what I bought this week. I got $183 in groceries for $63 and a savings of 65%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($25.03) At CVS I bought Dr. Pepper (2.25) & paper towels (3.99). At Walgreens I bought trash bags (4.44), chicken broth (0.50), pudding (0.25), tomato sauce (0.19), soap (0.99), toilet paper (2.99), Excedrin (MM).

KROGER: ($20.11) Here I bought salad mix (FREE), pizzas (1.19), buns (1.00), bread (0.78), vitamins (3.94), canned veggies (0.50), nut clusters (0.72), mangos (1.00), dip (0.49), and apples. I am looking at my receipt in shock because the cameo apples were 0.88 lb and I was charged for ambrosia at 2.29 lb! YIKES. I didn't catch it at the time because my total was correct. I now realize that my total was right because they entered my salad Q wrong and I ended up getting both bags FREE. I guess we'll call this one a wash. :)

PUBLIX & FOOD LION: ($18.02) At Publix I bought crescents (0.62), frozen veggies (FREE), waffles (1.39), tomato sauce (MM), soup (0.50), veggies (0.15), gelatin (MM), Doritos (2.00), strawberries (1.67), cooking spray (0.75). I also had a $5 off $30 coupon from a home mailer. At Food Lion I bought pizza (1.00), OJ (1.00), banana (0.45 lb), ground beef (1.39 lb), milk (1.99), foil (1.13).

Regular Price: $182.44
Savings: $119.31 or 65%
Actual Cost: $63.16

Well, it finally happened. I spent up some of my excess from being under budget this year. This week there just happened to be plenty of deals on paper products so I restocked on paper towels, toilet paper & trash bags. Hubby has also managed to blow through amazing amounts of soda so I had to replenish that supply as well. Also, we are having a little friendly competition within my MOPS organization to see which group can bring in the most items for the food pantry so I got several items for that too. Either way, I am still on track for the yearly budget. I'm not so happy with my savings percentage but even a coupon queen can have an off week. Work has been totally insane + my wee one was sick yesterday so, I'll admit, I wasn't as focused and prepared as I like to be. There's always next week, right? Speaking of next week, there are rumors of a Cart Buster Promo at Kroger.

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below. Maybe it will help inspire me to get back on track next week.

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Laura said...

Great job shopping this week! Too bad about the apples being charged wrong... that really stinks.

Thanks for linking up your post to Wednesday Weekly Shopping! Come back each week and link up your great deals!