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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So many of my friends have been telling me about Groupon and I just hadn't considered it before now. WHY? Well, most of the deals I hear about are for restaurants and, honestly, we hardly eat out at all. Who needs to eat out with all the groceries up in this hizzle? Anyway, today there was a deal I couldn't refuse so I signed up. Not sure what took me so long because I am already eagerly anticipating what deal they might have tomorrow. For those of you who are like me and NEW to Groupon, here's the deal (pun intended).

Each day they feature a new and cool activity from a local business in your area and other cities across the country. As I learned today, it is more than restaurants. It's theaters and spas and stores and special events. The offers are at least 50% off if not MORE (up to 80% off)! The discounts are deeply ridiculous. Seriously!

Bet your wondering what I bought today, huh? It was to a business called Paint Along in Brentwood, TN. This is very similar to Sips N Strokes which I have been dying to try! It typically costs $30-$40 to participate in a class there, but I scored a session on Groupon today for only 15 bucks. Check out their calendar to see all the awesome paintings they are doing this month. Actually, my MOPS group is planning an outing so we all bought one!

The hype about Groupon gets even better. For every friend you refer to them, you earn a $10 credit. Pretty cool!

It's very easy to sign up. They even allowed me to log in with my Facebook account, so I was up and shopping in no time at all! Don't be like me and miss all the deals. Sign up for Groupon today!



Robert and Hannah said...

favorite part of this blog: "Who needs to eat out with all the groceries up in this hizzle?"

Staci said...

Ha Ha! Just tryin' to keep it real. :)