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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

V8 Fusion $0.50 at Food Lion!!!

Today I happened across an AMAZING deal on my daughter's favorite juice at Food Lion. The V8 Fusion varieites are all on sale for $2.50 each. I paired these with the $1.50 Q from 6/26 SS to get them for $1.00 each! This is quite a deal in itself. Plus, there was also a Q from 6/26 SS where you can get a V8 Fusion Tea FREE when you buy 2 V8 Fusion bottles. Even better.

Then, when I got to the checkout, every 2 bottles triggered a $1.00 Catalina good towards my next purchase. Score!!! That makes the juice $0.50 each + FREE tea.

Deal Break Down:
+ 2 V8 Fusion Juice, $5.00
+ 1 V8 Fusion Tea, $2.50
- 2 V8 Fusion Juice Qs (6/26 SS), $3.00
- 1 V8 Fusion Tea, FREE WYB 2 Fusion (6/26 SS), $2.50
Earn $1.00 Catalina
Final Total: $1.00 for 2 bottles of juice + 1 bottle of tea!!

  1. I have no idea how long this Catalina is running for. Everything I can find online says this promotion ended in 6/25. Apparently it didn't or they started a new promotion.
  2. Because I had no idea about the Catalina deal, I purchased all of mine in the same transaction (15 bottles total) and I received seven $1.00 Catalinas.
  3. I was shopping at the Food Lion in Old Hickory.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dealing with Expired Coupon INSERTS

For all my couponers who save inserts, I have a surprise for you today!!! I came across this website that lets you know when it's safe to toss those old expired inserts. You do need to register for the site but it is FREE.

Once you have registered, you simply select your state and view the list of inserts that have 100% expired coupons. Grab those inserts and toss!

This is a huge timesaver for couponers who follow the insert only method. Not to mention a space saver too. I was so excited to find it!!

Great site. Check it out for yourself!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4x6 prints for $0.01 at Snapfish!

Penny Print Sale! 99 prints for 99 Cents. Exp 7/11

Snapfish is running an amazing promotion right now in honor of Independence Day. You can get 99 prints for just $0.99! That makes them a penny each.

I'm way behind on ordering. I had to go back to my Christmas albums to get caught up. Eek!

99 photos for under $1.00 is a great price!! Go here to order yours and use code JULYPENNY99