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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

V8 Fusion $0.50 at Food Lion!!!

Today I happened across an AMAZING deal on my daughter's favorite juice at Food Lion. The V8 Fusion varieites are all on sale for $2.50 each. I paired these with the $1.50 Q from 6/26 SS to get them for $1.00 each! This is quite a deal in itself. Plus, there was also a Q from 6/26 SS where you can get a V8 Fusion Tea FREE when you buy 2 V8 Fusion bottles. Even better.

Then, when I got to the checkout, every 2 bottles triggered a $1.00 Catalina good towards my next purchase. Score!!! That makes the juice $0.50 each + FREE tea.

Deal Break Down:
+ 2 V8 Fusion Juice, $5.00
+ 1 V8 Fusion Tea, $2.50
- 2 V8 Fusion Juice Qs (6/26 SS), $3.00
- 1 V8 Fusion Tea, FREE WYB 2 Fusion (6/26 SS), $2.50
Earn $1.00 Catalina
Final Total: $1.00 for 2 bottles of juice + 1 bottle of tea!!

  1. I have no idea how long this Catalina is running for. Everything I can find online says this promotion ended in 6/25. Apparently it didn't or they started a new promotion.
  2. Because I had no idea about the Catalina deal, I purchased all of mine in the same transaction (15 bottles total) and I received seven $1.00 Catalinas.
  3. I was shopping at the Food Lion in Old Hickory.
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Anonymous said...

Yay, I've missed these kinds of posts!!


Ebby said...

I hope it is still going on. I just love juices. Will check out soon