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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 84%

Just a smidge over this week but basically dead on budget if you ask me. I was VERY excited with my savings! It was a great week of deals.

WALGREENS& CVS: I bought coupons for Stacy's Pita Chips and went back for yet another round of the Pepsi promo. I bought Doritos (1.25) and pita chips (0.25), cream of chicken (0.64). FREE or MONEY MAKER items included Advil, eye drops, Zicam & meters. I treated myself to some $0.89 Reese cups in order to be able to use my RRs due to the item vs. coupon ratio. At CVS I bought body wash (MM), Oust (MM), toothpaste (FREE).
KROGER: Mega Event items were Chex Mix (FREE), cheese (0.99), cookies (0.15), mac & cheese (0.49),cereal (1.44). I also bought pepperoni (0.80), angus chuck (1.66 lb), salad (1.39), bread (1.85).
Round #2: This time I bought goldfish (0.24), Rotel (FREE), mac & cheese (0.49), lunchmeat (1.99).
PUBLIX & FOOD LION: Publix items included broth (0.25), yogurt (0.60), Heluva dip (FREE), Marzetti dip/dressing (0.80), gelatin (MM), fruit salad (1.42), eggs (FREE), grapes (1.69 lb.), Velveeta (0.92), cereal (FREE*). At Food Lion I got a little off track but still got good deals like juice (1.50), choc milk (1.99), buns (0.87), ground beef (1.60 lb), baby shampoo (1.59), tenderloin (3.99).
Not pictured is a Porterhouse steak for hubby that we bought on a whim this weekend but it was still on sale (5.50).

Regular Price: $333.06
Savings: $280.35 or 84%
Actual Cost: $52.71

I am blaming hubby's splurge on the steak as our reason for being a smidge over budget this week but he deserves it. The man loves red meat. What can I say? Included in my savings is the $5 SC Johnson Rebate that arrived this week. I don't like to count mail-in rebates until I have them in hand because you never know what can happen (i.e. lost in the mail, rejection, ect). This is unlike RRs and ECBs, which are a sure thing, because you get them back right away. *The FREE cereal Qs came from My Blog Spark and were good on any General Mills cereal. Skylar just happens to love her "pink and brown" Cheerios. Look for my product review coming soon.

How did you do this week? Leave a comment below.