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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 85%

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Here's what I bought this week. I got $290 in groceries for $44 and a savings of 85%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($5.69) I went to CVS 1st and bought makeup (FREE), toothpaste (MM), conditioner (FREE) & razors (1.79). The disposable razors had a $5 Q for the Gillette Fusion which I promptly took to Walgreens. I bought razor (FREE), mouthwash (0.25), and baking soda (0.50). The best part of the whole day was seeing NATE!! He was at CVS helping reset the cosmetic wall. Best manager EVER!! I wish he was still there all the time.
KROGER: ($25.88) I did another round of the Daytona Promo and bought biscuits (FREE), Purex (FREE), Oreos (FREE), Hot Pockets (1.70). I also bought bread (0.78), milk (2.79), Purity (2.29), hand soap (FREE), Perdue chicken (1.50), ketchup (1.59), gravy (0.50), mayo (2.99 - ran out and had to pay full price - OUCH)! Shout out to my special helper (pictured below) who made this trip with me due to school cancelling for inclement weather!
Round #2: I did 3 transactions of Purex detergent + vacuum bags (2.19) and strawberries (2.50 - not pictured).
PUBLIX & FOOD LION: ($12.22) Over at Food Lion I bought milk (1.99), grapes (0.88 lb), roast (3.90). At Publix I bought sauce (0.45), pizza dough (0.84), sweet rolls (0.39), baby shampoo (0.19), gelatin (MM), pasta (0.20), milk (2.50). My cashier thought he was the coupon police again today. He also suppressed the bonus coupon (doubling) of my $0.50 Pillsbury coupons. :(
Regular Price: $291.42
Savings: $247.55 or 85%
Actual Cost: $43.87

Overall another good week. I am definitely stocked up on detergent for a while. :) I really am astonished each week when I come in under budget yet again. I was so convinced that my new budget of $50 was gonna be hard to stick to but it has really been okay so far. That's the advantage to maintaining a stockpile rather than trying to build a stockpile. Right now I have $35 in reserve and I can do a lot of damage with that! However, I am sure we will need toilet paper and paper towels and sodas soon. :( How did you do this week?

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