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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swagbucks Birthday Celebration

Swagbucks is turning 2 years old this week! In honor of their birthday they will be offering several codes throughout the week that you can redeem for Swagbucks. I try to alert my readers right away if there is a Swagcode out because many of them are time sensitive. Make sure you are following me on Facebook or Twitter so that you don't miss out.

Right now, there is a code available on the Swagbucks blog, which is valid until 6:30 CST. Hop on over and snag it. If you are new to Swagbucks you can learn more here. Swagbucks is by far my favorite way of earning on the web. There are tons of prizes to buy with your Swagbucks, but my favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card, which is a mere 45 Swagbucks.

Here are some tips to earning more Swagbucks.
  • Make sure you install the toolbar in your browser. This helps me to remember to use them 1st rather than another search engine.
  • Instead of typing a website into the address bar, try searching it on the Swagbucks site instead. You never know when you will win.
  • If there is a Swagcode available, submit it as a search 1st and then enter it on your account page. If the search also yeilds a SB then that means you get 2 Swagbucks!!
  • Make sure to enter your confirmation code. Occasionally when you search, it shows that you earned a SB but it also asks you to enter a short 3-digit verification word. If you don't do this, it won't be credited to your account.
  • Check the Swidget. This is a nifty little gadget created by Swagbucks and you can find it at the bottom of my home page. They will often put Swagcodes there for you to find.
  • Search on Fridays. This is also known as Mega Swagbucks Day where they are known to award in large increments (10, 50 or 100 Swagbucks).
Happy Swagging!


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