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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 56%

We are leaving for vacation on Friday, so I didn't want to buy too much this week. Most everything I bought went straight to the freezer or stockpile shelves. I cheated and used some of our grocery budget for a few things we needed for our trip. I also needed a new ink cartridge from printing all the great coupons that have been out the last two weeks. Here are the deals I found. If you woul like to see individual store match ups, please see my post here. If you have questions, I am here to help. Please e-mail me at couponqueendiaries@gmail.com.

TARGET: Some of these deals are the same as last week. My Target finally had the mayo in stock, so I got 4 of those ($0.49 ea). I also did the cheese deal ($1.09 ea) and the lunch meat (1.74 ea) deals again. I got the Wheat Thins FREE with my puchase of Ritz ($0.54). Last but not least were the Always pantiliners ($0.44 ea).

Regular Price: $29.20
Savings: $17.64 or 60%
Total OOP: $11.56

KROGER: I think they raised the price on the BBQ sauce ($1.49) but it was still free after my coupons and Catalina, so I got it anyway. The grill spices and rice cakes were FREE and the soap was close to it ($0.30 ea). Since the hot dogs were still on sale and I had coupons left over, I got more of those ($0.99 ea). I also got more Dr. Pepper because $2.50 is about the cheapest I have ever been able to find it.

Regular Price : $63.98
Total Savings: $34.38 or 54%
Total OOP: $29.60

Regular Price: $93.27
Total Savings: $52.02 or 56%
Total OOP: $41.61

NOTE: I also have a $2 Catalina (BBQ sauce) for next week.

Stay tuned for next week as I try to challenge myself to shop with coupons on vacation in stores that I am unfamiliar with. I will be buying for 6 adults and 1 child (more than double what I am used to). We have obviously set up a special vacation budget and plan to splurge a bit. However, I still plan to work the deals to get the most for my money!


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