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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping Trip - Vacation

Well, I honestly have no idea what my overall savings percentage was this week. We are on vacation and I am shopping at stores I don't typically shop at home. I have no pictures of my deals because I am busy taking pics of my beautiful princess at the beach. However, we had to buy a week's worth of groceries for 6 adults and one child. We plan to eat out 3 nights and the rest of the week we will cook dinner here at the condo. I am trying to purchase these items on a $150 budget although I am prepared to splurge a bit. We brought lots of unperishables with us, so that definitely helps. Another thing that helped us is the fact that there is no sales tax on food in Florida, which is a huge savings. I also didn't list my deals for this week (sorry). I plan to get back on track with that next week once we are back home.

Target: Here I bought only lunch meat, cheese and Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs. The Target coupons are now expired so these deals are no longer valid.
Regular Price: $31
Savings: $16.20 or 52%
Total OOP: $14.82

Publix: I don't typically shop here at home because it is a bit out of my way, but I might change my mind. The BOGO deals are pretty good since they let you use 2 coupons. We also got several other items here including milk, bread, meat and vegetables. I was able to get a sneak peek over at www.publixforpennies.com and that helped me plan ahead.
Regular Price: $94.69
Savings: $28.89 or 31%
Total OOP: $65.80

Walmart: Apparently they don't list your savings on your receipt, so this is what messed up my calculation. This purchase also included a $2.50 pair of flip flops. I did splurge at Walmart and bought my favorite granola bars even though they weren't on sale and I didn't even have a coupon. It pains me to pay full price but I figured why not. We are on vacation after all.
Total OOP: $74.22

CVS: I had a $5 off $30 purchase coupon that I was trying to use and I started out with 10 ECBs from a previous week.
Regular Price: $40.31
Total OOP: $11.42 + 10 ECBs
ECBs earned: 19.98
Savings: $38.87 or 96%
Actual Cost: $1.44

Walgreens: I had 10 RR that were expiring this week so they had to get spent on something. The vitamins were a good way to roll them to another week. I also grabbed a few bags of Chex Mix ($1) to snack on at the beach.
Regular Price: $18.10
Total OOP: $1.10 + 10 RR
RR earned: 9
Savings: $17.00 or 92%
Actual Cost: $2.10

Grand Totals: Overall, on the groceries, we came in at $155, only $5 over what I had originally planned. I was quite pleased with that. My drug store purchases were only an additional $3.54.

I plan to get back on track with all my posts next week. I am even going to be adding a Mid-Week Deals section for stores like Publix and Food Lion who start their ad in the middle of the week. Stay tuned...


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