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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 78%

As I suspected, I did go over my $60 budget by $4.33. I just started the new budget last week so I am still adjusting. Either way, I found some really good deals today so I was happy about that. If you would like to see coupon matchups, please click on the store name.

PUBLIX: I made this run today and will probably make another one on Sunday. These deals are just too good to pass up. I bought cream cheese (0.75), sour cream (0.75), mayo (1.00), cool whip (0.25), beans (0.50), juice (1.50). Free items were ziplock bags and candy bar.

Regular Price: $38.57
Savings: 31.34 or 81%
Actual Cost: $7.23

TARGET: I was mainly looking for the Duncan Heinz cake mix but my store only had Betty Crocker. While I was there I did grab the hot dogs (0.89) since that is the lowest I have found them this season.

Regular Price: $3.26
Savings: $1.26 or 39%
Actual Cost: $2.00

ALDI: I don't really know how to calculate my savings here but I can tell you that an avacado was $2.49 at Kroger and only $0.99 at Aldi. Hopefully, that gives you an indication.

Actual Cost: $4.27

GRAND TOTALS: (without Aldi)
Regular Price: $41.83
Savings: $32.60 or 78%
Actual Cost: $9.23

Weekly Total: $64.33


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