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Friday, July 23, 2010


I always do my best to post legitimate offers, coupons, deals and freebies. These are often time-sensitive and controlled by outside companies. Said companies may choose to limit, change or remove their offers at their discretion. My suggestion is to use your own judgment and do so at your own risk. Coupon Queen Diaries gives no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied. I am not responsible for any charges or damages incurred by the users of this site. The information is provided as is. Be advised that I do not have direct contact with these merchants or companies.

Certain offers will require you to enter personal information including but not limited to name, address, email address, and age/birthday. It is advisable to read that company's privacy policy before proceeding. It is quite possible that you will receive email follow up from a company that you have given your information to. The law requires that email recipients be given a choice to opt-out or unsubscribe (usually found near the bottom of the email) and you may elect to do so at any time. I would also recommend a setting up a separate email address for offers of this nature.

You may also like to read our Disclosure Policy and Privacy Policy.


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