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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE and Cheap Pop Tarts

Have you signed up for Pop Tarts Rewards yet? If not, you will definitely want to after reading this.

When you buy Pop Tarts you can enter the code from specially marked boxes on the site. Just 5 codes gets you 2 FREE boxes of Pop Tarts.

Other rewards include:
  • 25 Photos from Snapfish
  • 5 Music Downloads
  • 1 Movie Ticket
  • 1 Magazine Subscription
Starting Wednesday, 7/28 Pop Tarts will be BOGO at Publix. There were $1.00 WYB 2 coupons in the 6/13 and 7/11 RP and a printable coupon is available from Kellogg's. With the sale and coupons, you can get a box for just $0.70.

There are 25 different flavors of Pop-Tarts to chose from but you can only enter each flavor once. I have set up a "Discussion" on my Facebook page where you can trade codes with other shoppers.

Discussion Board Rules:
  • Enter your name, email address and the flavor of codes you have and which ones you would like to trade for.
  • If you see someone who has what you are looking for, please courteously contact that person.
  • Please do not post actual codes on the Discussion Topic as they are a one-time only code.
  • After you have made your trade, please delete your topic reply.
I hope this goes well because I would like to do more sharing like this in the future. Your honesty is greatly appreciated.



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