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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 61%

KROGER: I did not purchase anything from the BIG promo. In my experience, they usually run this type of promo 2 weeks in a row, so I ordered coupons from TheQHunter and will go next week. I also found out that Kroger is now doing triple coupons, so that will make my next trip even better. However, this week I just got some basics. I purchased milk (2.79), flour (0.88), marshmellows (0.88), butter (1.99), buns (0.88), pastas (1.00), cantaloupe (0.68), taco seasoning (0.27), batteries (0.25).

FOOD LION, TARGET, $ TREE: Not pictured is 2 bottles of juice (0.99) from the 3-day sale. I also bought milk (2.99), sippy (3.94), avacado (0.99). Dollar Tree items were ibuprofen, animal crackers and deodorant. At Target, I bought Bounce bars (0.74), candles (FREE), clearance paper (0.48 & 0.74). Of note, Target has their school supplies marked 75% off including backpacks and lunchboxes as low as (3.74). I also saw a nice, glass patio table marked down $16 (Retail was $65).

PUBLIX: I bought chicken breasts (1.99 lb), chicken nuggets (1.63), Doritos (2.00), wipes (0.49), Healthy Choice (free), tweezers (0.49), emery boards (free), pears (0.78 lb), broccoli (0.99 lb), Pringles (0.75).

Grocery Totals:
Regular Price: $119.01
Savings: $62.89 or 53%
Actual Cost: $56.12

WALGREENS: Money Maker items were Almonds and pantiliners. The ear drops and air freshner were FREE. I also bought razor blades (1.50).

Regular Price: $31.56
OOP: $11.18 + 3 RR
Earned: 11 RR
Savings: $28.38 or 90%
Actual Cost: $3.18

Regular Price: $150.57
Saved: $91.27 or 61%
Actual Cost: $59.30


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