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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 69%

CVS & WALGREENS: I bought Mt. Dew (2.50), hair product (FREE), toothbrushes (FREE), soup (0.39). I forgot to photograph 2 packs of cashews from CVS, which were also FREE.

Regular Price: $50.04
OOP: $6.40 + 9 ECBs + 8 RR
Earned: 3 ECBs + 10.50 RR
Savings: $40.14 or 80%
Actual Cost: $9.90

KROGER: This week I tried the Belle Meade store for triple coupons and I had a very nice trip. I bought Pizzas (1.08), lunch meat (2.49), RTB cookies (0.99), hot dogs (0.99), choc. chips (0.99), mac&cheese cups (0.24), pudding (0.41), juice (1.24), cheerios (FREE), snack cakes (1.00), jalapeƱos (0.13), cereal bars (1.40), bread (0.78), taco seasoning (FREE), toilet paper (1.25), broth (0.79), cheese (0.99), pop tarts (FREE), cookie mix (0.39), rice (0.33), ranch (1.34), batteries (0.50), grapes (1.28 lb).

Regular Price: $179.09
Savings: $120.22 or 67%
Actual Cost: $58.87

PUBLIX & FOOD LION: I bought Dr. Pepper (2.66), cereal (FREE), waffles (1.00), milk (3.35), fruit cups (0.15), bananas-pears-kiwi (FREE), peaches (0.99 lb), toilet paper (1.43).

Regular Price: $54.23
Savings: $36.02 or 66%
Actual Cost: $18.21

Grand Total:
Regular Price $283.36
Savings: $196.38 or 69%
Actual Cost: $86.98

Whoa! I already know what you are thinking. She is WAY over budget this week. Yep, I sure am... by $27. However, in my defense I must tell you that the sales are typically weaker as we get closer to the end of the year. So, I am taking every opportunity I can to stockpile a little bit more while I have the chance. Almost everything I bought via triple coupons went into my stockpile and I am really trying to get stocked back up on sodas for my hubby. I let my supply run out this last time. Oops! I would much rather go over budget and pay around $2.50 a 12-pack rather than skimp on budget now and end up paying full price ($5 or more) later. Besides, September is National coupon month! Lots of deals to be had for everyone. :)

Leave a comment and tell me about any good deals you found this week.


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