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Monday, August 23, 2010

ALERT: Relaunch in progress!

Hello friends,

I just wanted to thank you guys for hanging with me during my summer-long hiatus. We have had an amazing time this summer. We've been lazy and we've played, HARD! We went to the lake EVERY Friday. We've traveled and visited family. We've stayed home and snuggled. We've been on dates. We've had drama and we've relaxed. We totally had popcorn and ice cream for dinner. It's been fantastic!

My little one started at her new big girl school this last week, which is so exciting but a signal that summer has come to an end. I've enjoyed my family this summer (mission accomplished) but I've missed you guys and I've missed blogging.

Things are in the works to relaunch the ole bloggerooski in the next week or so. It will have a completely different look and I'm so excited for you to see it. The relaunch of Coupon Queen Diaries will be complete with a fancy new design and a new mission statement. You won't want to miss it.

Here are a couple of hints. If you are new to couponing you will want to stick around. If you are a professional couponer and are dying to get your friends on board, you need to send them this way. If you are stuck somewhere in the middle and need a refresher course or want to brush up on the basics, you are in the right spot. There is a lot to be learned and I'm gonna be "sharing my saving secrets with you." {ahem, can I get a shout out for my new tagline?}

Don't miss a thing. Go ahead and subscribe to my email alerts, "Like" my Facebook page, and/or Follow me on Twitter. Why not do all 3 and send a few friends while you are at it?

New and improved is coming your way and I think you're gonna like what you see.


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Candy Wilson said...

I can't wait for your blogging to begin again. I am stuck somewhere in the middle right now and since my budget has taken another hit I need the inspiration! Thanks for all of your work you put in to this and I'm glad you enjoyed your summer break.