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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kroger Summer Clearance - 75% off

I've been stalking the summer aisle at Kroger for weeks now just waiting for it to go 75%. Today, it was! The big sign still says 50% off (in Donelson) but the prices are indeed 75% off. Whoo Hoo! Check out what I got for a mere $13. {Read: Hours of fun on the cheap!}

Topsy Turvy (Tomato & Strawberry): $2.00 each.
Bucket & Shovel: $0.25
Grill Liner (2 pk): $1.00
Water Balloons (250): $0.50
Beach Ball: $0.50
Bubble Refill: $0.75
Aqua Set (Mask, Snorkel, Googles): $3.00
Big Bubble Maker: $2.00

Every year I set a little bit of extra money aside and stock up on summer fun toys at the end of the season. Retail for these few things would have been $55. No thank you! The trick is getting them stored away before my little one sees them. The best part is seeing her face light up when we crack them open at the beginning of summer. Ok, I'm off to find a good hiding spot. :)

What summer clearance deals did you find?


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