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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 46%

Not my best savings but there weren't a whole lot of good sales this week. It's gonna be hard to meet my $60 budget considering I still have Target, Aldi and Publix to go, but I still think I will get close. I will probably skip CVS this week. So, here's the details.

KROGER: The ad was a repeat from last week so not much interested me from the sales flyer. However, I found several unadvertised specials that thrilled me. I also had a couple of Qs that were expiring so I matched those up with some so-so sales. And, to keep the hubby happy, I got a few special things for him like Tornados (1.89), pizzas (1.25) and squeeze cheese (2.49). I bought sliced cheese (0.99!!!), pie shells (1.79), buns (1.00), salad (1.67), mashed potatoes (2.99), organic milk (2.54), peaches (0.88 lb), salt/pepper grinders (0.25), BBQ sauce (0.99), 2L (0.99), goldfish (1.00), dog food can (free).

Regular Price: $81.74
Total OOP: 43.50 + 3.50 Cat
Savings: $34.74 or 43%
Actual Cost: $47.00

WALGREENS: Ran in to grab chips (0.50) and chicken soup (0.50).

Regular Price: $11.60
Total OOP: $0.83+ 3 RR
RR earned: 0
Savings: $7.77 or 67%
Actual Cost: $3.83

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $93.34
Savings: $42.51 or 46%
Total Cost: $50.83


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