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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 67%

I feel like I did pretty good this week. Publix was my best trip by far. I need a couple more slow weeks so that I can use up some things in my freezer. To see coupon matchups just click on the store name.

KROGER: Most of my budget went to meat and staples here. I bought pork chops (1.99 lb), ground beed (1.88 lb), Horizon 1/2 gal (2.95), Bounty (0.50), frozen veggies (0.67), sour cream (1.00), grapes (1.48 lb), pudding (0.67), mango (0.68), dog food (free), buns (1.00), bread (0.78).

Regular Price: $48.05
Savings: $16.92 or 35%
Actual Cost: $31.13

PUBLIX: I hit the mother load today at Publix. I was so proud of my trip. The thing that helped the most was that they take competitor coupons and a new one came out this morning for Rite Aid for $5 off a $25 purchase. Money maker items were pasta and Chex mix. Olive oil was $1.99 and bath soaps were $0.09.

Regular Price: $51.39
Savings: $48.06 or 94%
Actual Cost: $3.33

TARGET: I really only did this deal because we needed cheese. I figured I might as well get a Free lunch meat while I was at it.

Regular Price: $9.05
Savings: $4.04 or 45%
Actual Cost: $5.01

---->DRUG STORES<----


Trip #1: This was part of last week's deal, but I got 4 Dr. Peppers for $2.50 which is the lowest I can ever find them. I am hoping for a BIG sale somewhere on Coke products for the 4th of July. Not pictured.

Regular Price: $21.16
Total OOP: $0.00 + 13 ECBs
ECBs earned: 3
Savings: $11.16 or 53%
Actual Cost: $10.00

Trip #2: I bought Excedrin (0.49), Schick (0.99) and Purex (2.99). I may go back later this week for more Excedrin but they were out today.

Regular Price: $25.62
Total OOP: $5.62 + 7 ECBs
ECBs earned: 7
Savings: $20.00 or 78%
Actual Cost: $5.62

WALGREENS: Razor deals have been kinda sparse lately, so I was excited to find the deal on the cartridges. My store had a bonus pack (4+2) so that was even better. After coupons they were only $1.50 each. Body wash was FREE after RRs. Plus, I had to get a Father's Day card and those things aren't cheap!

Regular Price: $33.69
Total OOP: $7.80 + 6 RR
RR earned: 6
Savings: $25.89 or 77%
Actual Cost: $7.80

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $188.96
Savings: $107.98 or 67%
Total Cost: $62.89



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