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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 70%

Another start to a great week. Remember, I am trying to lower my budget once again. Ideally, I would like to get down to $60 per week. I still have Publix, Target and another run to CVS this week but I think I can do it. We'll see. Remember, to see matchups just click on the store name.


FOOD LION: Quick trip. I went in to get the free pasta and my milk. I ONLY drink Purity and FL has the best price, so I get it here every week.

Regular Price: $4.10
Savings: $1.00 or 24%
Actual Cost: $3.10

KROGER: This was a BIG trip for me. They are running a special for Daytona 500 and I had to purchase a certain amount of qualifying items (20 in my case). I also bought alot of meat which is pricey but good sales. The BBQ sauce was free. I also got popcorn (0.69), margerine (0.69), hot dogs (1.49), ground beef (1.69 lb), chuck roast (1.99 lb), strawberries (1.50), pizzas (1.25), fruit snacks (0.16), detergent (1.49), yogurt (1.10). Not pictured are Dr. Pepper (2.50) and a case of water (3.47).

Regular Price: $131.04
Total OOP: 56.69
Earned: $3.50 Catalina (Fruit Gushers)
Savings: $74.35 or 59%
Actual Cost: $53.19

---->DRUG STORES<----

I ordered coupons from ClippityQ for the SoyJoy deal because we didn't get them in our region. It was worth it because it was a money maker deal. I can still do it 2 more times this week before I reach my limit. I also bought Tylenol (0.99). My store was out of the ThermaCare wraps so I wasn't able to get them. :(

Regular Price: $28.39
Total OOP: $2.91 + 10 ECBs
ECBs earned: 16 (12 SoyJoy, 4 Tylenol)
Savings: $31.48 or 110%
Actual Cost: -$3.09

WALGREENS: Here I got the toothpaste which was a money maker and band-aids (0.50). I had to get the pudding (0.25) as a filler item so that I could use my $6 in RRs.

Regular Price: $17.82
Total OOP: $0.88 + 6 RR
RR earned: 6 (3 Aquafresh x 2)
Savings: $16.94 or 95%
Actual Cost: $0.88

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $181.35
Savings: $107.98 or 70%
Total Cost: $54.08


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