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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 83%

I made the switch this week to shopping Publix and Food Lion on Day 2 of their new ad rather than Day 6. Now that my little girl is in school on Tuesday AND Thursday I can finally divide up my shopping. Before I was doing a mad dash to get in done all in one day. Overall this week I still came in under budget. So I am using the leftovers for some fun yardsaling this weekend. Speaking of the budget, I think I am finally at a point where I can lower it but I want to give it one more week just to make sure. Remember, to see coupon matchups, just click on the store name.

FOOD LION: Nothing too fancy here. I went in to get the free pasta but grabbed a few more things we needed for a family gathering this Saturday. Buns (1.05), relish (1.60) and broccoli (1.31).

Regular Price: $7.41
Savings: $1.00 or 13% (boo!)
Actual Cost: $6.41

PUBLIX: Another great run at Publix today. I printed another Rite Aid $5 off a $25 purchase and used it. I bought ziploc bags (0.20), Perdue nuggets (1.20), graham crackers (0.99), rinse agent (free). I detered from my plan when I got to the checkout when I was asked to make a $5 donation to Children's Miracle Network. My answer, No. Then the cashier gives me a sheet with $20 in coupons and tells me that if I purchase today he can use the $2 Ziploc coupon (even though I already had Ziploc Qs). The sheet indeed has some high dollar coupons on it that I will use, so I said Yes! Even making a donation, I STILL saved 83%! Frugal and charitable can go hand in hand.

Regular Price: $38.43
Savings: $31.95 or 83%
Actual Cost: $6.48

I HAD to go back to CVS today for a great hidden deal. I couldn't find the cloths, but I was able to find the cases which were still a money maker! Note: I am not sure why this pic keeps coming out sideways. Oh well. It can be upside down and backwards if it wants to be. They still paid ME to walk out the door with them.

Regular Price: $6.07
Total OOP: $1.07 + 5 ECBs
ECBs earned: 10
Savings: $10.00 or 164%
Actual Cost: -$3.93

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $51.91
Savings: $42.95 or 83%
Total Cost: $8.96


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