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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 56%

Several good deals to be had this week, but at several different stores. I had lots of coupons expiring too, so I made sure to make the most of those. My freezers/shelves are pretty packed right now, so I am actually hoping for a few slow weeks. To see coupon matchups, click on the store name.

FOOD LION: This was an example of where "it takes money to make money." I spent quite a bit on the Tyson chicken but you just can't beat $4.99 each for these. I had to get 4 to qualify for the deal but I certainly won't have to buy any for a while. It's better to pay $5 now, rather than $10 later. I also got Hormel entrees (3.99), Dr. Pepper (0.89), kiwi (0.50) and milk.

Regular Price: $59.49
Savings: $20.78 or 35%
Total OOP: $38.71

KROGER: The cheese was the real deal at Kroger (0.66), and the bath bars (0.09). Chicken breasts were on sale (1.89) and so were strawberries (1.50), peaches (0.88 lb.) and mangos (1.00). I grabbed a few other things we needed and that was it.

Regular Price: $46.11
Savings: $26.08 or 57%
Total OOP: $20.03

PUBLIX: Several good BOGO deals at Publix this week. My store rings them up at 50%, so I only have to buy 1 if I want to. I was most excited about the free pineapple and cookies ($0.45), but other deals included ice cream (2.00), crackers (0.75), wheat thins (free w/crackers), ketchup (free with promo Q), and light bulbs (0.40).

Regular Price: $29.94
Savings: $22.50 or 75%
Total OOP: $7.44

TARGET: Great deal on the Ziplock bags. This is an item I usually buy at the $ Tree but I can't beat 0.79 each. I also went ahead and got more of the pantyliners (0.49). The toothbrush set was $0.99.

Regular Price: $10.86
Savings: $5.85 or 54%
Total OOP: $5.01

WALMART: My EasyMac Qs were expiring today and WM had the best price, so that's where I went. Got the mac (0.38), shells (0.48), bagelfuls (0.88) and 96 oz. juice (1.99), which is not pictured. Cinamon Rolls were free from a promo coupon I got a while back. I just realized that the cashier skipped 2 of my $1 coupons, so my savings should have been 50%. I need to pay better attention next time. Arrgh!
Regular Price: $32.98
Savings: $14.52 or 44%
Total OOP: $18.46

---->DRUG STORES<----

CVS: They have pulled the Pampers deal (2.99) but my very nice manager (love him) allowed me to do one (rather than 3 as previously advertised). The razor and 1st aid kits were free and the soaps were $0.50 each.

Regular Price: $29.27
Total OOP: $1.33 + 12.98 ECBs
ECBs earned: 10
Savings: $14.96 or 85%
Actual Cost: $4.31

WALGREENS: Several good deals this week and I was able to pay with RR from last week's deals. I got cashews ($2.50), bacon ($1.50), Purex (2.99), candy (0.25), and sauce (0.39). Regular Price: $36.74
Total OOP: $1.98 + 14 RR
RR earned: 2
Savings: $22.76 or 62%
Actual Cost: $13.98

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $245.39
Savings: $137.45 or 56%
Total OOP: $107.94


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