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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 60%

Here's what I got for less than $60 this week. What deals did you find? Leave a comment below.

WALGREENS & CVS: At CVS, I bought a Halloween bag (FREE), cereal (FREE), and Green Bags (on clearance for 2.25). At Walgreens, I bought lotion, chapstick, gum, cough drops all for FREE.

Regular Price: $43.15
OOP: $7.66 + 10.50 RR
Earned: 12 RR + 0.99 ECB
Savings: $37.98 or 89%
Actual Cost: $5.17 - Technically this transaction didn't cost me anything because I returned a bottle of Tylenol that was a part of the recall and used that $ to pay for my green bags. :) I'm keeping one set for me and giving away the 2nd box as a door prize at my next Grocery Savings Workshop!

KROGER: As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the deals will kinda be sporadic until we get closer to Thanksgiving. I used my budget this week to buy a few things that we use but hardly ever have a price change. I got Bacon (1.99), yeast (FREE), frozen chicken (3.99), jelly (1.69), honey (2.00), milk (2.79), vegetable oil (1.99), orange juice (1.86), bread (0.78), pepperoni (1.44), bananas (0.59 lb), pepper (0.71), cantaloupe (1.50).

Regular Price: $52.34
OOP: $31.83 + 5 Catalina
Earned: 1 Catalina
Savings: $16.51
Actual Cost: $35.83

PUBLIX: Here I bought chips (1.00), syrup (0.75), pasta (0.40), seasoning (0.19), pizzas (0.75), tomato products (0.09), nut clusters (0.90), pie pumpkins (0.99).

Food Pantry Donation Items: $2.14
Regular Price: $44.60
OOP: $2.71 + 11.50 RR
Savings: $30.39 or 68%
Actual Cost: $14.21

ALDI: We are headed to the Walden Farms pumpkin patch this weekend but I am not planning to spend $15 on a pumpkin while we are there. Instead, I went to Aldi where I got a very nice size pumpkin for $2.67 (including tax)!

GRAND TOTAL: All above totals are included (regular shopping, CVS clearance, food pantry donations & pumpkins).

Regular Price: $146.53
Savings: $88.63 or 60%
Actual Cost: $57.88

Don't forget about the Coupon Swap coming up tomorrow (Friday, October 16th). It's a great way to get started with couponing. ~~Newbies Welcome!~~


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