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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 64%

I'm trying something different this week. I am just going to list my grand total at the bottom rather than breaking down the totals at each store. Remember, I am here to help and encourage YOU so I want to know what YOU find beneficial. Leave me a comment below and let me know which method you like better.

As always, click on the store name to see coupon matchups.

WALGREEENS & CVS: I bought Clorox (0.54), Oust (1.50), oatmeal(0.35), gum (0.44), trash bags (3.99), soap (FREE) at Walgreens. At CVS I bought broth (0.37).

KROGER: I did 2 rounds of the Mega Event plus some other essentials. I bought canned veggies (0.59), rotel (FREE), milk (3.29), cheese (1.99), pizzas (0.88), frozen potatoes (1.25), Tyson meals (2.99), lunchmeat (2.00), Chex (FREE), chili mix (0.19), 80/20 beef (1.50 lb), cheez-its (0.24), cereal bars (1.49), fruit snacks (FREE), apples (0.99 lb), bananas (0.59 lb).

FOOD LION: I bought water (0.50), cheese (1.00), milk (2.99).

TARGET: Let's just say that I had a less than pleasant experience at Target today, so I ended up not purchasing anything. I promptly came home and e-mailed customer service. For the record, it was not a love letter. :-)

Regular Price: $185.22
Savings: $117.78 or 64%
Actual Cost: $67.44 (-5.98 ECP supplies)* = $61.46

*These are items that were worked into my deals. I will be reimbursed for them by Skylar's school.


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