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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 73%

Here's what I bought this week. I purchased $180 in groceries for $48 at a savings of 73%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($20.39) At CVS I bought toilet paper (6.41) and shampoo (MM). I had a $10 gift card from a transferred RX, so that helped to bring my total down. At Walgreens I bought TGIF chips (0.50), Stouffer's meals (1.00), shave gel (FREE), tummy medicine (3.00), juice (2.00) and I picked up my orders from last week's 7 Days of Deals.
KROGER: ($5.47) I bought bread (0.78), salsa (1.79), jelly (1.85), potatoes (MM), batteries (FREE), cereal bars (1.07), rotisserie chicken (2.99). The chicken and potatoes were dinner one night this week.
FOOD LION (14.46): These deals are from last week's ad but I bought chicken breasts (1.67 lb), chocolate milk (1.94).
PUBLIX & WALMART (6.81): At Publix I bought peanut butter (0.67), ketchup (0.88), popcorn (FREE), mac&cheese (0.01), gum (0.15), fish fillets (1.95), pasta (0.20). I know you are shocked, but I actually graced Walmart with my presence to get the DiGiorno pizzas. Mainly, it was because they sent me a $5 gift card in the mail. After that (and coupons of course) the pizzas were a whopping $0.50 each!
Regular Price: 179.61
Savings: $131.98 or 73%
Actual Cost: $47.63

Why, YES, that is 48 rolls of toilet paper you see! I don't think I'll need to buy any for a while. LOL! These are the double rolls and the price breaks down to $0.40 each, which is not to shabby. Oh and I was so thankful for peanut butter to be on sale this week. Between running out of Purity and almost out of peanut butter, it was a near catastrophe at the Bishop household.

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below.

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Placemix said...

WOW! impressive!! great week!