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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 74%

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Here's what I bought this week. I purchased $194 in groceries for $50 at a savings of 74%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($4.53) At CVS I got FREE shampoo & gum. Not pictured is a clearance Easter toy (1.25), which I bought for my tag-along shopper. At Walgreens I got oatmeal (0.50) plus pens/highlighters (0.19). I also found the packages with the mail-in rebate on the back for $4.50 WYB 3!!
KROGER: ($21.17) I bought spinach (1.00), Ziploc (1.59), spices (0.99), mac&cheese cups (0.10), instant potatoes (MM), soda (2.75), grapes (1.28 lb), bread (0.78), pizzas (1.05). I can now submit for another SC Johnson $5 rebate for the Ziploc bags.
PUBLIX: ($17.83) I bought org. milk (2.50), pasta meals (1.49), cooking spray (0.75), shredded cheese (0.74), bleach (0.01), juice boxes (0.66), yogurt (0.25), parmesean (0.99), cookie dough (0.55).
ALDI: ($6.08) Here, I stocked up on produce like pineapple (0.99), strawberries (0.99), cantaloupe (1.49), mango (0.89), avocado (0.79), carrots (0.49). You just can't beat these prices!
Regular Price: $193.45
Savings: $142.60 or 74%
Actual Cost: $50.85

Hubby especially asked for frozen pizzas this week so I used up the overage from potatoes at Kroger to get him some. Aren't I a good wife? :) I also have him stocked on soda for at least a month, which will be a big relief on the ol' weekly budget. I have $9.50 in rebates to submit from this week but I don't include those in my totals until they arrive in my mailbox. You just never know. Either way, I am still right on budget this week and happy with my savings %. However, the rebates will certainly be a sweet treat when they arrive though. I'm currently expecting $14.50 back in rebates overall.

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below.

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