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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 90%

Here's what I bought this week. I purchased $265 in groceries for $27 at a savings of 90%!

WALGREENS & CVS: (-$9.93) Oh what a week at Walgreens! The vitamins were a HUGE MONEY MAKER and I used the overage from those to purchase soda, printer paper, aspirin & still had some to spare. I also picked up a Green Bag Tag at CVS for FREE.
KROGER: ($18.52) I bought pizzas (0.75), egg roll wrappers (2.65), grapes (0.99 lb), cilantro (0.99), pudding (FREE), frozen veggies (0.25), salad mix (FREE), milk (2.29), Chef Boyardee (0.63), bread (0.78), gum (0.45).
PUBLIX (15.36): At Publix I bought reusable bag (FREE), smuckers (1.50), dessert (0.50), Benadryl (MM), steamers (0.70), granola bars (0.32), bathroom cleaner (FREE), laundry cleaner (FREE), Draino (3.04). My cashier at Publix today was the coupon police (AGAIN) and suppressed my bonus coupons, which cost me $2. I've decided to send an email and ask about this since he is the ONLY one who does this and it is very frustrating. I'll keep ya posted on what I find out.
FOOD LION ($3.28): Not pictured is my quick trip in for Bagels & Purity Milk.

Regular Price: $264.99
Savings: $237.76 or 90%
Actual Cost: $27.23

I visited Walgreens a lot this week. I made a point to purchase no more than 3 bottles of vitamins at a time in order to leave some for another coupon shopper. However, it kinda helps that I gave my manager a heads up on this deal a few weeks ago and he ordered plenty. When you include the tax, I still had a $45 PROFIT after coupons and Register Rewards. I turned right around and used most of these to get a month's worth of soda for hubby and still had some left over which I used at Publix. I also didn't feel bad about a few splurges this week and the ridiculously expensive Draino that we needed wasn't as painful. Thanks to Walgreens & Nature's Bounty, I am definitely back UNDER budget for the year. Whoo Hoo!!

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO glad to know that the cashier can SUPRESS a double coupon. I am new at this and last week and didn't realize this had happened until I was leaving the store! Why would they "supress" a double coupon when their computer system allows it???

Melanie said...

I hope this isn't a repost...I am a new reader of your blog and just realized that we shop at the same Publix. Hermitage, right? I haven't been able to find There's Value in the Family coupon book. Have you seen it lately or at another location? Btw, who is the cashier? I might try to avoid him!

Staci said...

The cashier's name is Michael and I'll let you know what I find out more about the SUPRESSED feature when I hear back from Publix. I typically do try to avoid his line if possible but this week, his was the only line open. :(

As for the coupon booklet, I don't remember seeing it there this week. They may be gone already. Sometimes they keep extras behind the customer service desk so you could check there.