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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 78%

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Here's what I bought this week. I purchased $248 in groceries for $53 at a savings of 78%!

WALGREENS & CVS: (-$9.06) MONEY MAKER items were Dulcolax & Dove Conditioner. Free items were vitamins & saline spray. Trip #2 (not pictured) is another Dulcolax, Fiji Water & floss - All MONEY MAKERS!
KROGER: ($48.00) I bought ice cream (1.99), Mt. Dew (2.75), eggs (0.63), bananas (0.59 lb), 5 lb potatoes (1.31), spices (0.24), sausage (1.89), salad (1.50), mayo (2.49), peanut butter (1.94), strawberries (2.00), cereal (0.75), shells&cheese (0.22), cream soups (0.50), cantaloupe (0.90), bread (0.78), buns (1.00), pears (0.77 lb).
I did a 2nd run and bought Ziploc (0.83), soap (FREE), potatoes (MM), milk (2.99).
FOOD LION: ($13.49) I did the Kraft promo two times. I got cashews (1.49), mayo (1.49), milk (1.99), cheese (FREE).
Regular Price: $247.71
Savings: $194.29 or 78%
Actual Cost: $53.43

I spent way more at Kroger than I intended but it was soda week. Ugh! However, the MONEY MAKERS at Walgreens helped me make up some of the difference and kept me close to budget. Yay! Best of all I can now submit for the SC Johnson $5 rebate for the Ziploc bags! As usual, I don't count those rebates in my totals until they actually show up in my mailbox.

How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below.

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Robert and Hannah said...

So I just thought you'd like to know, every time you do your weekly grocery post, I feel the need to go through every list and find each item in the corresponding picture. It's like a game. Haha.