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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Reason To Stockpile

If you are in the South right now you know that there is a supposed threat of snow. This magically causes an unspoken panic, which is evidenced by the empty grocery shelves where bread and milk used to be. I just had to take this opportunity to emphasize stockpiling and its perks. Stockpiling is a concept that I teach in my classes which can help you to drastically decrease your grocery budget. Yes, you can indeed have more food in the house than ever before but spend less. How? Well, I cover the topic in more detail here.

This impending inclement weather is also another case where stockpiling comes in handy. As for me and my house, there is absolutely no reason to rush out in all the madness. Why? Because we have enough food in this house to not only get us through the weekend of bad weather, but we could literally eat for a month or more and never have to leave the house. I want to encourage you to read my post on stockpiling or attend one of my workshops to learn the concept. There is still room in my workshop this weekend. See here for details. Below are a few pictures of what my stockpile shelves look like. Granted, my storage system isn't the most beautiful or sophisticated in the world, but we have to work with the space we have in our little house.

Shelves in the Garage
Extra Fridge/Freezer in the Garage

Inside Hall Closet
Actually these pics were taken a few months ago so there is even more food now. So, if you find yourself running low on food and supplies this weekend, just come on over to the Bishops. We've got plenty! :D


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