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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 94%

This was my 1st shopping week of 2010 and I am already off to a great start with much thanks to all the MONEY MAKER deals going on at Walgreens right now. Despite multiple trips for items out of stock and the crazy snow day, which had me way off my routine, I am starting off the year under budget. Nice!!

WALGREENS & CVS: FREE items were candles, cookies, aspirin, glucometer. I also bought lunchmeat (1.33), cheese (0.83), salt (0.50), hair color (3.99). Not pictured is the Bayer deal from last week. At CVS I bought hand soap (0.64).

Trip #2 for WALGREENS: FREE items were Cookies, Crackers, Electrasol. I also got more lunchmeat for 1.33 each. My store didn't have the Aquafina. :(

FOOD LION: I bought milk (2.64), juice (1.50).

KROGER: I bought cantaloupe (1.50), jelly (1.69), buns/bread (0.88), apples (0.88 lb), bananas (0.59), salad (1.29).

Kroger Trip #2: Saw my fave bars on clearance so I came home and found Qs then loaded up ecoupons. They also have a Catalina printing. Final price is (0.89).

ALDI: Here I picked up items that my hubby needed for his trip this weekend, AKA Man Camp (Don't ask me. They are nuts to be camping in this weather). Potatoes (2.49), raisins (1.49), carrots (0.99), peppers (1.49), taco shells (0.99), cheese (1.89), vienna sausages (0.39).

Regular Price: $352.55
Savings: $331.51 or 94%
Actual Cost: $21.04 + Aldi* $11.77 - ECP** $1.28 = $31.53

*I intentionally add in Aldi separately since there is no way to calculate my savings (no coupons, everyday prices, ect).
**ECP: Supplies for my daughter's school, which I am reimbursed for.

Notes: I also submited for the SC Johnson $5 rebate with the candles I got from Walgreens. Overall, not too shabby for my 1st run of 2010. I also made it my goal to reduce our weekly budget to $50 per week (down from $60). This may take a few weeks for me to get used to but I believe I can do it.

Did your shopping go as planned this week or was it crazy like mine? Did you stay within budget?


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Anonymous said...

Stacey!!!! You are a crazy woman AND let me tell you I LOVE CRAZY!!! I am soooooo fired up right now! Just got back from my first shopping experience after "the class" and I saved $70.00. People in line behind me were like "how did you do that?" My husband was there and he thought I was a hero! I am pretty impressed as I was going in as a rookie! Can't wait to improve on my coupon skills! Lovin' it!! Thanks for all your help and tips! Who in the world knew you could save sooooo much money! This is definitely an aha! moment for me! Thanks again! Kerri Beth :)