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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 76%

I was really worried about going over budget this week with all the good deals to be had. Can you say Mega Event? In the end, it all worked out just fine and I came in under budget yet again. Me likey!I

WALGREENS: I was back again this week for the Pepsi deal and I must say that our soda stockpile is looking pretty good. Hubby is happy for obvious reasons. I am happy because I won't be stuck paying for that little budget breaker for a while. I bought Mt. Dew (1.91), pita chips (0.09).

KROGER: I was all excited about the Mega Event this week. I ran out on day #1 to take advantage of the last day of the Kraft Catalina, which essentially meant very inexpensive cheese. I bought OJ (0.99), Rotel (FREE), cheese (0.37).

Round #2: I bought chocolate milk (2.59), rolls (0.99), tortillas (0.49), El Paso sides & shells (FREE), tomato products (0.05), egg roll wrappers (2.39), bread (0.78).

PUBLIX* & FOOD LION & ALDI: I bought raisins (1.49), ibuprofen (1.99), banana bunch (0.78), canned veggies (0.46), fries (1.63), grapes (1.79 lb). apples (0.80 lb), mango (1.00), carrots (0.99), lunchmeat (2.00), aspirin (MM), gelatin (MM), dressing (0.73), mac & cheese (0.50), Tyson entree (0.50), pizza (FREE).

Regular Price: $174.81 +4.61
Savings: $132.78 or 76%
Actual Cost: $42.03 + 4.61 (ALDI) = $46.64

*At Publix I had a 1st and, I'll admit, I was a little shocked. They literally handed me money out of the register. I'm sure you are wondering how I ended up in the negative. Well, my Publix accepts Walgreens Register Rewards since they are technically manufacturer coupons. I had guesstimated that my total would be around $12 so I included $11 in RR with my coupons. Turns out my total was around $10, so that put me in the negative. I tried to have them just give me back the $1 RR but the manager said he would take care of it and told me they were paying me to shop at their store today. :) Um, okay. Fine by me.
What about you? How did your shopping go this week? What good deals did you find?



Sandra Winfrey said...

What Publix?

Staci said...

I shop at the Publix in Hermitage across from Aldi.

Anonymous said...

What competitor coupons do you use there? I used to use the drug stores coupons as well as Target, but no more. Now they will only take Kroger, Food Lion and Save a lot from me. How do they justify the RR? Do they reimburse like a manufacturer?

Lisa Fleming

Staci said...

Lisa - The Hermitage store will only allow me to use the ones you mentioned + GFS. The RRs are indeed mfg coupons and say so right on the top left corner. Publix will get reimbursed for them just like any other mfg coupon. :)

Anonymous said...

What is GFS?? I still want to do a workshop. What works for you?? Lisa Fleming

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

WOW!!! Check out that Publix trip! I love Publix. I don't have a Kroger in my area, but wishing I did!!

Robert and Hannah said...

woman you are crazy!!!

Heidi said...

I couldn't make my Publix (Athens, AL) understand that they are manufacturer's coupons (like you said... it's on there). They would only let me use one and input it like a competitor coupon.... she wouldn't even try to scan it! UGH!

The Prudent Patron said...

Ok I am truly shocked! They will take RR!? I've heard of them taking CVS $5/$30 coupons, but RR! Crazy!!! I wish my Publix did that!

Staci said...

I would recommending talking with someone at customer service (and make sure you get their name so you can explain to the cashier). Simply ask them if it is okay to use RR and then politely explain that they are indeed mfg coupons. It is stated on the front of the coupon. Always be nice even if they say no. Often times stores just have different policies. I'm one of the lucky ones I suppose.