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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nature's Bounty Coupons

Nature's Bounty vitamins are frequently on BOGO at many stores and CVS/Walgreens often have ECB/RR deals on them. Nature's Bounty has an online Healthy Rewards program where you can redeem points for high-dollar coupons ($2, $3 or $5). Today, I ran across a great post that has tons of codes to earn you points. Remember, that you can enter each code twice. When you redeem your points a coupon link will be emailed to you and you should be able to print each coupon twice.

It only took me just a few seconds to have enough points to redeem for the $5 coupon (500 points). I was able to print 6 (WOW!) coupons from the Bricks link.



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