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Friday, January 22, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 69%

I went a teensy bit over budget this week but I am still WAY under for the year. I took advantage of all the great Pepsi deals this week to restock hubby's soda supply, so $18 of my weekly allowance went straight to that. Remember, click on the store name to see coupon/deal matchups.

WALGREENS & CVS: Both stores had great deals on Pepsi products this week and I took advantage of both since I had RRs and ECBs expiring. I bought peanuts (0.49), wipes (FREE), glucometer (FREE), pita chips (0.78). Not pictured is TEN 12 packs of Mtn. Dew (1.74)! Wha hoo!!!

KROGER: I bought mainly produce & meat on sale. The only item with a coupon was the yogurt (0.88). Also bought blueberries (2.50), dressing (1.74), pork chops (1.78 lb), avocado (1.00), mango (1.00), apple (0.88 lb). salad (1.09), celery (1.29), buns (1.00), bread (0.78), bell pepper (0.50). Not pictured are sweet/condensed milk (1.69), graham crackers (1.99) due to a recipe emergency. Oops!

PUBLIX: Here I bought milk (1.75), aspirin (MM), fruit bowls (0.57), cheese (1.50).

Regular Price: $172.23
Savings: $118.05 or 69%
Actual Cost: $54.18

Overall, not too shabby especially when you consider that I can now submit for the Dole 30 Day Challenge Rebate. I will receive 4 FREE product coupons. I wish the PepsiCo Rebate for my state didn't include a beer purchase because I would qualify for that too. :( How did you do this week? Leave me a comment below.




Holly said...

Hey Staci:)

You did awesome!! I'm going this weekend & I'm sure I need some more aspirin too:)

Liza said...

Great job getting healthy food at Kroger! Isn't it tough to save on produce and meats/fish? Great job again!

Staci said...

Thanks ladies! Liza, I can't wait until spring/summer when we can participate in crop share again. Fresh fruits/veggies are a must and it is hard to find good deals every week on those items.