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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 73%

I'm on week #2 and still under budget even with my new $50 spending limit. Yay me!! To see my coupon matchups, just click on the store name.

WALGREENS & CVS: FREE items were Oust, wipes, Thermacare. I also bought oranges (0.50) and oatmeal (0.50).

KROGER: Frozen veggies (FREE), milk (2.79), hot dogs (FREE), beans (0.33), bread (0.78), pears (0.88 lb), yogurt (1.88). The yogurt should have been 0.88 but my cashier didn't scan that coupon. He also wouldn't let my Healthy Choice Q go through so I asked him to take them off my order and give my coupon back. I won't be checking out with him again.

Kroger #2: Well some other deals showed up this week and I couldn't resist a 2nd trip. I bought crescents (FREE), vitamin C (Money Maker), milk (2.79), chicken strips (1.09).

PUBLIX: Free items were tissue, cough drops, floss picks & tomato sauce. I also bought chicken nuggets (3.30), pork chops (1.99 lb), goldfish (0.25), broccoli (1.47), entrees (0.60), bagels (0.40), milk (2.85), donation (1.00). I also had to pick up a few items for a baby shower, so I had no coupons for these items: sweet milk (1.99), ham (2.99), coconut (1.29), walnuts (2.69). However, I did use a $5 off $50 GFS competitor coupon from my Citipass book. :)

Regular Price: $171.02
Savings: $125.58 or 73%
Actual Cost: $45.44

How is your 2010 shopping going? Leave me a comment and let me know your savings for this week.



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The Prudent Patron said...

Great job! I saved $133 at Publix this week.