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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 69%

Yep, even the Coupon Queen goes over budget! However, I have been way UNDER budget for 3 weeks in a row. It was about time for me to catch up. Here's what I bought this week. You can click on the store name to see coupon matchups.

CVS & WALGREENS: I made another quick trip into Wags to hit last week's 4-day sale one more time. I bought toilet paper (2.29) and Acai (FREE). This week I bought maxi pads (FREE), contact solution (FREE), Triaminic (MM), clippes (2.99 - RR did not print), candies (0.66). At CVS I bought Emergen-C (FREE).

KROGER: This 1st picture is from last week's 50% off Kellogg's sale. I bought milk (1.55), air freshner refills (0.21), PopTarts (FREE), Cheez-Its (0.59), cereal bars (0.99), pizzas (FREE).

This week I bought Mt. Dew (3.33), bread (0.78), diapers (4.49), baby wash (2.09), soap (2.50), cantaloupe (1.50), blackberries (1.67), sour cream (1.00), sausage (1.95), rosemary (1.67).

PUBLIX: Last week I bought Nestle cookies (FREE), vitamins (2.29), tomato sauce (FREE), cookies (0.01), gelatin (FREE). This week I bought cheese (1.24), PB cookies (0.75), sour cream (1.50), juice (0.49), soap (4.24), chips (1.99).

FOOD LION: I bought choc milk (1.99), cakes (1.50), sausage (1.45), pizza (0.50), kiwi (0.50), marshmellows (0.95).

TARGET: Yes, I actually graced them with my presense again. I bought lunch meat (1.79), swiss miss (0.24), GHIRARDELLI PEPPERMINT BARK (2.00 - mmmmm!!!!)

Regular Price: $258.44
Savings: $177.84 or 69%
Actual Cost: $80.60 ($78.20)*

*ECP Reimbursement: 2.40

That means I was $18 over my $60 weekly budget. Like I said earlier, I have been under budget for the last 3 weeks by a pretty good amount. I know that it is more than enough to cover my excess for this week. Besides, I finally found Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark so I am a happy camper! :)


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