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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 69%

CVS & WALGREENS: At CVS I bought Mt. Dew (2.50), bows (FREE), gift tags (FREE), tissue paper (FREE). At Wags I bought Immodium (4.66), contact solution (FREE), razor (0.99), soap (3.24).

KROGER: I bought morsels (0.49), cream cheese (0.25), velveeta (2.99), jelly (1.69), OJ (1.50), milk (2.99), provolone (1.50), cooking wine (FREE), Dr. Pepper (2.75), bread (0.78). Not pictured is another four packs of Dr. Pepper that I went back for.

PUBLIX & FOOD LION: At Publix I bought vitamins (2.29), tissue (FREE), sour cream (0.49), cream cheese (0.25), flour (1.49), croutons (0.19), mayo (2.00), tomato sauce (FREE). At Food Lion I bought detergent (0.99), strawberries (2.99), snack cakes (1.50). Not pictured is six lunchables (0.45) from Publix - THANK YOU LIZ!

Regular Price: $240.28
Savings: $164.99 or 69%
Actual Cost: $75.29

Yep, I did it again. Over budget that is! The main thing that put me over was the 2nd round of Dr. Pepper ($12 total). However, I've said this before and I'm saying it again. I would much rather go over budget and pay $2.75 each rather than run out and have to pay full price $5.49. I'll make up for the overage on another week because we now have enough Dr. Pepper to last at least a month. Yay!


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