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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 80%

This week's shopping is a little bit off and most likely will be until after Christmas. I've got to squeeze in Christmas shopping while the little girl is at school, so that means grocery shopping with toddler in tow on non-school days.

CVS: I stopped by CVS on Thanksgiving to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. This is about $60 in product, which I made a $15 profit on (in ECBs). I was thrilled!!!

WALGREENS: I waited to go today so that I could take advantage of some of the 4-day sale. Free or Money Maker items were floss, aspirin, contact solution, supplements. I also bought toilet paper (2.49) and Dr. Pepper (1.05). FYI - The Dr. Pepper is not working toward the Coke 2L deal but they gave me the RR anyway

KROGER: Just ran in to grab a few things here. I still have to go back tomorrow for the 50% off Kellogg's sale. I bought pizzas (0.99), spinach (0.88), avocado (0.99), mangoes (0.99), kiwi (0.50), apples (0.99 lb), sour cream (1.00), crescents (0.25), vinegar (FREE).

PUBLIX: All the deals in this photo are from last week's ad. I bought juice (1.50), gelatin (FREE), chips (0.45), salad dressing (2.00), chicken breasts (1.79 lb), pasta (0.66), pizza (0.01), napkins (0.08 - rain check), snack mix (FREE).

FOOD LION: Some of this is from last week's deals. I bought sweet potatoes (0.47 lb), marshmellows (0.97) and corn muffin mix (0.40). This week I bought milk (1.99), sippy (3.19), snack cakes (1.49).

Regular Price: $218.57
Savings: 175.50 or 80%
Actual Cost: $43.07 (Um, can u say under budget, AGAIN!!)


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