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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frugal 101: What's On Sale?

This is my first post in my brand new series called Frugal 101. We are starting at the beginning and working our way up. If you have friends who are just getting started in couponing (or want to get started), be sure to send them this way. For my long-time readers, this will serve as a refresher course.
It always helps to know what's on sale BEFORE you get to the store. If you wait until you get there, you're way behind. Here are a few places you can view the sales advertisements.

Sales ads come in the newspaper. I hope that you are already getting a Sunday paper each week for the coupons. The Sunday paper is also full of weekly advertisements for various stores.

Sales ads come in the mailbox. In my area, Publix & Food Lion start their new sales in the middle of the week. These ads are conveniently delivered to my mailbox. If you have stores who change sales in the middle of the week, you may also find their new ad in the daily newspaper.

Sales ads are online. Almost every retailer has their weekly advertisement available for viewing on their website. You simply need to give your zip code to display the ad for your area. Some companies even offer an email notification to alert you as soon as it is available. Here are some links for the online ads for my favorite stores.

Sneak peeks are available. Some bloggers have the capability to view an ad before it starts. They are kind enough to type up the info and share it online. It's always great when you get to see what's on sale before the ad goes into affect. It gives me extra time to get my coupons together. Here are some of my favorite sneak peek sites.

Sales ads are in the store. If all else fails, you can find the weekly sales flyer at the store. They are usual found up front by the door. Again, I highly recommend taking a look before you go shopping so you can prepare to sweeten the deals with coupons.

So, what's your favorite way to see the sales ad before you shop?

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