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Monday, September 27, 2010

Frugal 101: Blinkies, Tearpads, Booklets & more!

We've already talked about newspaper coupons, printable coupons & E-coupons. Today we are going to talk about coupons that can actually be found at the store.
  • Blinkies - These coupons are found sporadically along the aisles. They are in a little box which is attached to the shelf. Some of the boxes even have a little flashing red light, which is where the term "blinkie" comes from.
  • Tearpads - A tearpad is typically found on a cardboard display of products although I have seen these on the aisles as well.
  • Booklets - Booklets are multiple pages of coupons and can also sometimes be found at cardboard displays. I find the majority of booklets at Publix.
  • Peelies - This is a coupon found directly on the product. If you peel a coupon off of a product, you need to purchase that product in that shopping trip.
  • Hangtags - These are also found directly on the product. Typically the products are in a bottle form.
  • Product Packaging - These coupons you don't usually find until you get home with the product. They can be found inside the packaging where you will need to cut it out or sometimes they have their own little booklet of coupons.
These coupons will change frequently, so if you see it in the store you might want to grab it then. Just like printable coupons or E-coupons, it may not be there the next time you come back. These coupons will also vary from store to store. Just because you found peelies or blinkies at one Publix doesn't mean that they will be at another Publix location.

In-store coupons are certainly a special treat when you find them! That coupon may not make for a great deal today, but I would encourage you to hold on to it. You never know when that item will go on sale and you can pair it up with your coupon.

Coming up, we are going to discuss the differences between store coupons & manufacturer's coupons and I'll tell you my theory on coupon values.

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