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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Publix Penny Item - Coffee Drinkers Rejoice

Today's Penny Item is Publix Coffee. In order to get this item for just a penny, you will need to have a $10 purchase (before coupons). Some stores also require the actual Penny Item coupon, which can be found in the local Wednesday paper. Thank goodness my store still doesn't require the coupon. Yay!!

Now, we are not coffee drinkers around here but I know this particular item gets a lot of Publix shoppers excited.

Did you get the Penny Item today?



aprile said...

At Oakwood this morning it was Toliet paper...which made this coffee drinker very, very disappointed.

Robert and Hannah said...

SCORE! hey, staci we finally found something we DON'T have in common! 'cause this girl loves her some coffee. hahaha. ;) methinks I'll hit up publix as soon as lil man wakes up from his afternoon nap!

Emily said...

Well when I saw it was coffee I didn't even clip the coupon. Then I got to Publix in Oakwood and saw it was toilet paper and had no coupon. I was not very happy!

Staci said...

Unfortunately, sometimes the penny item can vary from store to store. Or if they run out of a product, they change it half way through the day.

Emily - Oakwood has never required me to have the coupon before. DId they ask for it today? I hope they haven't changed their policy. That would be a bummer. :( I'm with you, toilet paper I can use! Coffee, not so much.

AprilE said...

Oakwood didn't ask me for my coupon yesterday, and neither did the one on West End...At least the one on West End had coffee!!