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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Publix: Penny Item + Field Updates

Today's Penny Item is Publix 2L Soda. In order to get this item for just a penny, you will need to have a $10 purchase (before coupons). Some stores also require the actual Penny Item coupon, which can be found in the local Wednesday paper.

Here are some updates from my trip this morning at the Oakwood Commons (Hermitage, TN) location. I got $80 in groceries for less than $20. These are just a few of the deals that I found.

Apple & Eve Fruitables, 46 oz bottles, $1.00
These are on sale for $2.00. My store had $1.00 hangtags on them. If your store doesn't have the hangtags, you can use the $0.75 Fruitables printable coupon (FF) to get them for $1.25.

Baby Carrots, $0.85
These are BOGO this week.

Yakisoba, MONEY MAKER!
The Yakisoba meals are on sale for $0.60. The $0.50 coupon from 8/29 SS will double. This item now becomes better than FREE! The Q Hunter is all sold out of these but I found some on Ebay.

Canned Pumpkin
I forgot to check the price on this but I was excited to see it back in stores. Last year there was a shortage and none to be found.

Green Giant Steamers, $0.20
I have been waiting for these to go BOGO. This $0.50 Green Giant printable (bottom right - Thanks Emily!) will double and you score cheap veggies. There is also a $0.50 WYB 2 printable, which makes them just $0.70 each. I use these in casseroles all the time.

Oreos & Milk
There is a new $1.00 Oreo's printable on Facebook. My store had them marked $2.99 with peelies for a FREE half gallon of milk WYB 2 packages. You can use this on ANY brand of milk (up to $2.50). I got 2 packages of cookies + a half gallon of milk for $3.98. I used the FREE milk coupon + 2 Oreos coupons.

Competitor's Coupons
If you have the Entertainment book be sure to check for competitor coupons. In mine I found $5 of $50 purchase coupons from GFS, Piggly Wiggly and HG Hill. Be sure to present this coupon first once you have reached the $50 requirement.

Did you come across any good unadvertised deals? Share them in the comments below.



Emily said...

Hey Staci- does the Oakwood Commons Publix take any of the CFS, Piggly Wiggly, or HG Hill coupons?? What about Dollar General?

Staci said...

Oakwood Commons is pretty good about taking anything as long as it is an actual grocery store. They took my GFS Q with no problems. I'm not too sure what they would think about Dollar General. It never hurts to try. Let us know if you do. :)

Robert and Hannah said...

Man here I am all excited that I got 40 bucks' worth of groceries for 21 and then you go and get $80's worth for $20 haha. (Are there any other websites besides iheartpublix that you'd recommend for finding deals? Or do you just take your binder and walk around finding deals?) I got two boxes of Krusteaz pancake mix for 27 cents; that was my favorite of what I found. And my Dr. Publix soda of course haha

lisa denae fleming said...

Last time you told me that they took the GFS Q, I took one in and they refused it. I even told them that I had a friend who used them often and they didn't give. Bummer. Do you have a certain day/cashier you always go to? Would love to use mine from the Coupon Book.

My favorite deal of the day:

2 OM DeliFresh lunchmeat
2 Publix bakery Bagels
1 2ltr. Dr. Publix

OOP: $1.37

I had three q's that expired today that I was saving for an OM sale. YIPEEE!!! Used 6 q's total on this deal. Bagels were BOGO with a dollar off each with purchase of OM. MONEY MAKER!! :)

Staci said...

Hannah, iheartpublix is the best blog I have found in regards to matching up Publix deals. I always check her Super Deals before heading out to the store. Some deals I do come across randomly and it helps to have my binder with coupons with me.

Lisa, I usually check out with Jerry but yesterday it was Delrose (manager). I stay away from Michael but I haven't seen him in a while. The Q I used today was GFS so I'm not sure why they are giving you grief over it. You could point out that there is 1 in Rivergate and I think they would consider that a competitor. I also did a deal with OM lunchmeat. I had Qs for $1 off bread WYB OM + $1 off OM. Got 2 lunchmeats and 2 loaves of bread for $4.34!! We were out of both so I was happy!!!

Robert and Hannah said...

thanks! I'm going to have to get better about spotting deals while walking around with my binder. It helps so much as far as keeping my q's organized, but I still feel like I'm missing out on a lot of deals even when I have it with me.

isn't it funny when you start finding out which cashiers to avoid? I haven't had any issues with anybody at publix (love them!!), but there is one who I always avoid at the Donelson Kroger. I don't remember his name, just what he looks like, but he was incredibly rude to me one time so I've never gone in his line again!