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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Theory on Coupon Values

I've done a lot of talking about coupons recently in my Frugal 101 series. There are many places to find them but I have a personal theory about coupon values. My theory is this... "the harder they are to find, the higher the value will be."

For example, the coupons you find in the store in the little blinkie machines are generally low value coupons. They will be something similar to $0.55 WYB 1 (will not double) or $1.00 WYB 4 (basically $0.25 off each item). Those coupons are easy to find. For goodness sake, they are right next to the item and have a big flashing light on them. You can't miss it, right?

The opposite extreme is coupons that you have to work for. These are online printables not usually found at the popular printing sites or coupons that come via home mailers. These coupons are difficult to track down or you must make a request in order to receive them.

In my opinion, coupon values are based on how easy or difficult they are to find.

Below is my ranking on coupon values from highest to lowest.

  1. Home mailers/requested coupons
  2. Brinks printables
  3. Manufactuer website printables
  4. Printables from popular sites like Coupons.com
  5. Newspaper coupons (varies by region)
  6. Peelies/Product Packaging
  7. Blinkies/Tearpads
Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Besides, a coupon is a coupon and they all help us to save money in some way. As we continue in this series, I will show you how to get the most out of ANY coupon.

Do you find this theory to be true as well? Feel free to confirm or shoot down my assumption. It is just a theory after all and theories need to be proven.


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