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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

About Me - Who is the Coupon Queen?

Just who is the Coupon Queen? Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, my name is Staci Bishop. I am a work-at-home mommy to a beautiful, three-year-old daughter and I have been married to my hubby since 2005. We currently live in Nashville, TN (Donelson area). God has done some amazing things for our family but leading me down a path of frugality has been eye opening. The Lord has always provided for us much to my amazement some days. His blessings and love never fail and never disappoint. I want to be a good steward of what He has given us and honor Him by being conscious of our spending.

In 2007, right after our daughter was born, I quit my full-time, adequate-paying but stressful, corporate office job and I have never looked back. It was so liberating! I now work from home as a part-time medical transcriptionist and I can now see that I was always meant to be IN the home.

Dropping an entire income while introducing a new person into the family can be tricky to say the least. I have always tried to be a savvy shopper but I've had to kick it up a notch in the last few years. I have completely changed my shopping style and habits,which has made all the difference.There were and still are weeks when the budget is very, very tight but I've seen our budget go from $125-$150 a week down to only $50. Our grocery budget currently includes groceries, toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies, dog food... EVERYTHING! I don't coupon for the "fun of it" (though it can be exciting). Honestly, I coupon out of necessity.

One of the most thrilling things I have discovered through couponing is that I am able to not only provide for my family but be charitable as well without spending anything extra. I love being able to help other other families or organizations with a quick trip to my stockpile closet and picking out items that I either got for FREE or very inexpensively.

Couponing does take time and effort but what doesn't? I've never had money just fall in my lap and couponing is no different. However, with a few tips and tricks you will be well on your way. Saving money is exciting and it has made a drastic difference in our life. I hope to be able to help you on your own money-saving adventure.



Anonymous said...

Well Nice to finally meet you. I visit your site EVERYDAY. I had to lol when I read your intro as we have lots in common, especially the part with 3 year old daughter, quitting the nice cushy job to be stay at home mom (and loving every minute of it and not wanting to return to the rat race), and marrying my hubby in 2005. :)
And I live just S. of you in GA.
I must say I love your site and it has been super helpful to my family. I can't make $50 work just quite yet, but I do try hard !
You are the QUEEN ! ;)
I even wanted to try purity milk, but there is non here in GA so... (that's how much I follow your site)

~cheers Giselle

Staci said...

Hi Giselle,

It's nice to "meet" you too. We do have a lot in common. Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm so glad you are finding helpful information here at CQD. It's a shame you don't have Purity. If you ever visit up this way, you MUST try it!