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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Problem Solved

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a few problems with my binder.
  • It was big
  • It was bulky
  • It was ugly
  • I forgot to grab it
All of those problems dissapeared after I purchased myself a Coupon Clutch!
Technically, it IS still big but it isn't bulky anymore because I can wear it over my shoulder. As you can see, my binder became quite the fashion statement so I'm not self-conscious about how it looks. I don't forget it anymore because the straps make it easy to grab and go. I LOVE my Coupon Clutch!

You can get a coupon clutch of your very own. There are several styles to choose from. You can purchase just the cover or the whole shebang with with binder, dividers, pockets... everything! If you are crafty, they also sell the pattern to sew your own. Use code TAKE5 to get $5 off a $25 purchase.

Aren't they cute? Order now! Then, come back and let me know which style you picked.



Laura Hamm said...

Can you order just the fabric cover with no binder?

Staci said...

Yes, that's what I did. I ordered the cover only and just inserted the binder that I had already made.

Laura Hamm said...

Thanks it wouldn't take the coupon - coupon works if you order it with the binder Looking at the Turquoise/kiwi stripes

Staci said...

You just have to get to $25 to use the coupon. I think I ordered the binder and threw in a set of dividers to get over the $25 mark.

Laura Hamm said...


SONYA said...

Kiwi and chocolate squares for me:)
I love it!!!!