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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frugal 101: Coupon Organization

With all the talk about coupons, you might wonder how in the world you are going to keep up with them. Today, in our Frugal 101 series, I'm going to share some methods for organization.

Envelopes - If you have just a few coupons, a common mailing envelope might just work for you and its very inexpensive. However, I suspect that this method won't hold up very long. Envelopes are flimsy and can start to fall apart in a hurry. Also, as you collect more coupons you are going to need a way to separate them into categories.

Accordian File - This is a step up from the envelopes but you are limited in the amount of storage. However, this does give you a chance to start sorting coupons into sections (i.e. baking, canned goods, meats, ect). These can usually be found at office supply stores. You may also find a cardboard variety at dollar stores.

Binder - This method consists of keeping all of your coupons in some type of binder. You can use baseball card holders or photo holders to separate your coupons. You can sort using either the A-Z method or by categories. This method will hold quite a bit of coupons but it is bulky.

Inserts Only - With this method you simply save your coupon inserts from the newspaper each week. You can sort them with a large file by date or just keep them in a big stack. Once you are ready to shop, you can use a coupon database to show you where to find coupons for the items on your list. This method saves you time since you only clip the coupons that you need.

Coming up, we are going to dig a little deeper into this topic. I am going to show you
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