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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Never Miss A Deal or Update

Very often deals are time sensitive. Sales ads change frequently and clearance items go fast. Many times I hear folks say that they didn't know about a certain deal until it was too late. Others tell me that they just went to (insert store name here) and wish they would have known to look for (insert hot deal here). There are a couple of ways you can stay up to date with Coupon Queen Diaries and never miss a deal or an update.
  • Email Subscription - You will get a message which recaps all of the posts I have put up that day. If I haven't posted anything new, you won't get an email. Simple as that. Right now, this email gets sent around 3 pm every day.
  • Facebook - Here, I link up to any deals that I have posted and I also put out quick little reminders, notes and updates. It's so much fun to interact with my readers and followers over there. You should hop on over and "Like" it right away.
  • Twitter - See above. Actually, it's more than that since I often put bits and pieces of my life out there for ya too.
  • RSS Feed - My favorite. This is similar to an email subscription but more instantaneous.
Stay tuned and tomorrow I will give a more detailed description of what RSS is, my favorite RSS platform, and how you can make it work for you. I love RSS feed!


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